Top 5 ATVs of 2024


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The world of ATVs has some exciting new developments and innovations in store for 2024, and they are sure to provide thrilling experiences and enhanced comfort for riders. Here are the Top five ATVs of 2024 that we believe should be on your radar this year.

Number One: Can-am’s Outlander 700 Max XT

Top 5 ATVs of 2024

Can-Am is making a strong statement in 2024. The popular Outlander 450 and 570 models have been replaced by the Outlander 500 and 700 which, in 2024, feature single-cylinder engines. The Outlander 700, in particular, stands out for this reason.

The new Rotax 700 engine is a single-cylinder power plant that delivers 50 horsepower and 41 lb-ft of torque, comparable to the old 570 model. Despite the change from two cylinders to one, it remains responsive under all conditions. The driving position is high and clear, with an almost perfect triangular combination of handlebars, footrests, and seat. Interestingly, the seat is probably the softest and most comfortable in its class.

The engine has been installed in the frame with the head facing backward, solving a long-standing issue of leg heat. Even after a long day on the trail, there’s no discomfort. The power is transferred to the ground through a continuously variable transmission that operates smoothly and quietly. The four-wheel-drive system features a switchable front differential. Depending on the version chosen, the differential provides a variable level of automatic lock sophistication. The independent suspension at all four wheels ensures a comfortable ride on the trail. The space for the passenger is spacious and convenient.

Regardless of the Outlander version you choose, this quad is set to be very promising among quad enthusiasts in 2024.

Number Two: Polaris’ Sportsman 850

Top 5 ATVs of 2024

We can’t overlook the 2024 Polaris Sportsman 850 in our selection, as this quad is one of the most versatile and comfortable. Polaris has been subtly innovative with new colors and some equipment variations depending on the version. The 850 has been refined over the years by Polaris and is one of the most competent in its category.

The engine remains the same with the liquid-cooled Prostar twin, a SOHC 4-stroke that produces 78 HP. The smoothness of the 850 engine will convince you, plus, its fuel consumption is now a thing of the past, which future owners will greatly appreciate for more mileage and less fuel consumption on the trail.

With its innovative and irresistible look, it won’t go unnoticed during your outings. With a ground clearance of 11.5 inches, it will help you overcome ruts and the most rugged terrains. The driving position remains one of the most ergonomic in this segment. Combined with one of the most comfortable suspensions on the market, you have a perfect match for absolute comfort.

Polaris remains a reliable and respected company in the off-road vehicle industry, a good reason to trust them. The Sportsman 850 will be a great choice for years of fun and reliability.  

Number Three: Suzuki’s King Quad 750 AXI

Top 5 ATVs of 2024

Suzuki is synonymous with quality and reliability among quad enthusiasts who appreciate the Japanese brand. Let’s not hide it, Suzuki’s designers are very conservative. Evidence of this is that the last redesign of the Japanese manufacturer dates to 2017. Seven years without change, apart from new colors, but we cannot ignore this legendary quad because of its remarkable overall balance. It should be kept in mind that Suzuki was the first to design a quad as we know it today.

The reputation of the King Quad 750 is known to all for its robustness and mythical reliability. Its 750 cm³ electronically injected engine is, in our opinion, one of the most efficient single-cylinder engines on the market. The largest as well, its revision has accentuated its abundant low-end torque and expresses itself with determination at high rpm.

The constant mesh CVT transmission works in symbiosis with the engine, giving the a King Quad quick and frank reaction. At first glance, we notice a large bodywork. Thanks to its wide wings, it will be able to protect you well. Following its redesign, the independent suspension was recalibrated at all four wheels. In concordance with precise steering, revised, benefiting from more powerful assistance, it ensures quality comfort.

The 4×4 mode is not to be neglected and offers excellent traction when the trail becomes unstable in front of us. If you need more power to all four wheels, know that the front differential locks electronically with the help of a button on the handlebars.

In summary, if you are looking for a virtually indestructible quad with awsome reliability, the Suzuki King Quad 750 is certainly a good choice.

Number Four: Yamaha’s Grizzly 700

Top 5 ATVs of 2024

Yamaha is synonymous with performance and reliability, with a very precise and finely-tuned mechanic, ready for an adventure quad. The Grizzly 700 enjoys a reputation for being an extremely versatile ATV with very precise agility on the trail1.

The engine consists of a torque-rich 686 cm³ single-cylinder that will perfectly adapt to the conditions encountered on the trail. It will be able to make quick response, and when the time comes, to face the worst conditions or more technical passages. Electronically fuel-injected, every possible measure has been taken to improve its smooth operation. The Grizzly delivers linear power across the entire rpm range, the engine is paired with the indestructible Ultramatic CVT transmission. The notoriety of this transmission has endured for over two decades and is still considered one of the most efficient in the industry.

Yamaha’s four-wheel-drive mode engages on the fly via the On-Command system, which is also very high performing. And of course, it can electronically lock the front differential for optimal traction in case of major bogging. You will have a mechanical combo offering the best efficiency-reliability ratio in the industry.

In terms of comfort, Yamaha takes good care of the rider with one of the most comfortable suspensions. The engineers opted for nitrogen preloaded KYB shocks for a smooth ride. The standard power steering ensures the driver a very pleasant ride without any kickback at the wheel. For night driving, a new LED work headlight has appeared at the handlebar level, in addition to the two at the front.

This beast will provide you with many years of enjoyment with a reliability that will not make you regret your investment in Yamaha.

Number Five: CFMOTO’s CFORCE 1000 Overland

Top 5 ATVs of 2024

I can already hear you murmuring: “CFMOTO in the top five?” Yes, and there are several reasons that justify our choice. Since 2015, CFMOTO has been making steady progress in proposing models, their credibility is constantly growing. Look around you during your rides and I bet you will see a lot of CFMOTOs on the trails. Why this rapid progression? They deliver the goods and listen to the consumer1.

The CFORCE 1000 Overland is a prime example and it deserves its place in our top five. The engine consists of a revised 963 cm³ V-twin injection that provides 75 horsepower and 58 pound-feet of torque. This engine has no difficulty moving and responds vigorously when asked on the trail. The automatic CVT transmission with dry clutch is provided by CVTech. In tandem with the twin-cylinder engine, this pairing is just perfect. This new transmission provides a direct response to the throttle for a great driving experience.

All of this is nicely coupled to a four-wheel drive system with a front differential that can be locked on demand by handlebar control. The suspension on all four wheels is fully independent and provides a comfortable ride. The Overland absorbs every bump and jolt of the trail thanks to the adjustable gas shocks with separate chamber. The CFORCE 1000 also uses a trailing arm rear suspension which has the advantage of eliminating wheel pinching, allowing optimal tire contact with the ground.

The Overland is one of the most well-equipped ATV on the market. What you have to buy as an option at the competition will be included in your purchase: waterproof rear trunk, protective plate under the vehicle, front and rear bumpers, windshield, fender extender, 2,500-pound winch, mirrors, and more.

Enjoy your ride and happy shopping!