CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 Overland Review

CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 Overland Review


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The latest comer at CFMOTO, the Overland version of the CFORCE 1000, quickly catches our eye with its adventurer style built to face the worst terrains. With its complete set of accessories and the best components of the Chinese manufacturer, this ATV makes us believe in an impressive performance and be a strong opponent against other major manufacturers. Let’s find out.

CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 Overland Review

Overall look

First of all, we must mention the successful look of the Overland, which announces its adventurous side, ready for any eventuality. Furthermore, it offers a massive trunk in the rear and even the possibility of adding a second one to replace the passenger seat. Thus, we obtain a storage space of more than 100L. More than enough to take everything you need with you for very long rides.

In addition, beadlock style rims are standard on the vehicle. Yes, you get a nice touch of color with the blue that adorns the wheel, but above all, you have a tire retaining ring. Let’s open a parenthesis for newbies. This ring helps lock the tire in place on the rim and prevent its slippage from occurring. The reason is simple: when you want to ride and cross complex sections filled with rocks, it is good to reduce the pressure inside the tires. Doing so will increase the deformation of the tire, which will promote the contact surface of the rubber against the rock. The ultimate goal is to have the maximum traction. However, having less air in the tires will bring the risk of a tire peeling off from the rim, which we try to avoid at all costs. The beadlock offers the best for maximum traction without the risk of the tire detaching from the rim. The sidewall of the tire is stuck between the rim and the ring. Other additional equipment is just as consistent with the aspirations of this model. Note the very robust front and rear bumpers to provide more protection in hazardous situations. In addition, aluminum protection skid plates have been added to limit breakage.

CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 Overland Review

Upfront, we notice even more accessories specific to this version. Thus, we are entitled to a low windshield that offers sufficient protection from the wind while maintaining complete visibility. The handguards are perfectly integrated to provide increased comfort while maintaining style. Also, auxiliary LED spotlights have been added to the bumper for an improved nighttime experience. To this multitude of equipment is added the standard equipment we know from CFMOTO, such as turn signals, horn, mirrors, a trailer hitch, and a 3,000-pound winch. Of course, a winch is essential in this vehicle which is intended to evolve in the most remote and difficult areas.

With all this equipment, you definitely get an all-terrain vehicle that will tackle the most demanding expeditions and be prepared for any situation you encounter on your journey.


To propel this beast, the manufacturer saw fit to equip it with a 963cc V-2 engine that develops an output of 79 horsepower and a generous torque of 60 lb-ft. Furthermore, all are paired with a CVTech-IBC continuously variable transmission. The combo offers lively performance, providing frank acceleration as well as muscular pick-ups. Thus, this engine is ideally suited for the many uses one can expect from the Overland.

To effectively transmit this power to the ground, the driving wheels selection system is found on the handlebars. It can quickly switch from a sporty 2WD mode to a 4-wheel drive mode and a locked differential mode. The latter is highly effective in rocky sections that are difficult to access. We note a new control on the handlebars that is more intuitive than the previous one.


Preload, compression, and rebound adjustable gas shocks are standard on this vehicle. Therefore, we can modulate the suspension relatively quickly according to our preferences and the terrain we are about to face. In addition, a rear suspension geometry with swing arms brings a higher level of comfort while keeping the vehicle flat.

After driving the vehicle a few kilometers, we notice that the suspensions have been recalibrated compared to the years before, offering more flexibility and therefore more overall comfort on the Overland. Even so, it has not lost its ability to turn corners at higher speeds due to too soft suspension, which we see too often in the market. Just the right compromise between comfort and performance. Well done, CFMOTO.

CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 Overland Review

Driving impressions

We had the opportunity to test this vehicle on several types of terrain and different occasions. For example, on federated trails, in a sand pit, in the mud, in a rock crawling situation, to go fishing, etc. Therefore, I would summarize my driving impressions as Wow! In my opinion, this machine is the best CFMOTO vehicle at the moment, and here is why:

The power steering turns out to be just enough to limit effort and fatigue. However, you do not feel any floating when driving at higher speeds. Driving precision is excellent, the information returned to the driver is perfect, and everything is done efficiently without straining the shoulders on long days.

The engine power is more than enough to tackle any situation. While there is a pretty impressive cavalry, the horsepower comes smoothly and gradually in most situations. However, when maneuvering at low speed, the throttle feels a bit jerky. Therefore, there is a period of adaptation to smoothly cross over rocky areas or put the vehicle in a trailer. A mode selector (eco /  sport) which acts on the mapping and the response of the throttle, as found on the side-by-sides of the brand, would be a great addition to counter this slight inconvenience.

Regarding the suspensions, I can tell that the engineers have done an excellent job of calibrating them by considering the comfort aspect, the performance in turns, and the reactions regardless of terrain or obstacles. As a result, we end up with a ride comfort worthy of mention for versatile use. Without being at the expense of performance, there is good flexibility when we move towards more aggressive driving with fast and successive turns. And with this flexibility, we keep excellent traction in more technical sections through huge rocks or stumps, for example. In fact, CST Clincher tires, exclusive to this model, bite well on sandy trails, tall grass, and rocky sections. The only limitation was seen when there was a lot of mud, as the tire lugs are not too aggressive. On the other hand, it is the best compromise by limiting the skills in the mud to favor all different types of terrain.

Another aspect that I really liked about this machine is that you immediately notice the new handlebar controls when you grab the handlebars. They are more ergonomic, intuitive, and above all, with improved aesthetics than the multicolored ones we were used to seeing in the past. In addition, the comfort on this vehicle is very good with a seat just soft enough, and the low windshield provides adequate protection against the wind and for the hands. And above all, it is not bulky for excellent visibility.

The trunk, which replaces the passenger seat, comes with a perfect padded backrest and offers additional support for the back. Overall, the quality of the assembly seems to be improved. As a result, fewer vibrations and sounds are noticeable when riding. With the Overland, we are light years away from the Chinese manufacturer’s early years, so the big manufacturers better watch out. Ultimately, it’s good that there is intense competition in all brands because that’s what drives the improvements. Thus, ATV enthusiasts will benefit the most.

To sum up my impressions of the Overland: this is my current crush at CFMOTO! With this machine, you get a powerful engine, well-calibrated suspensions, and top-quality equipment. Everything is consistent with the vocation of a machine ready to devour miles of trails and for all types of terrain you want to cross. Way to go, CFMOTO!


• Powerful engine suited to the uses of the vehicle

• Well-calibrated suspension offering noteworthy comfort

• Generous equipment with the Overland version


• Quite sensitive throttle, which requires caution in low-speed maneuvers.

• Rear trunk is not fully waterproof.

CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 Overland Review


The CFMOTO Overland offers a more than desirable level of equipment. We get a fully accessorized ATV and ready to face long escapades. Everything is there to drive several hundred kilometers in complete comfort and take with us much more than what is strictly necessary. CFMOTO will hit the market hard with this vehicle offering an aggressive quality / price ratio against the competition. The Overland is, without a doubt, an ATV to seriously consider on your next purchase!