Top Five Recreational UTVs 2024



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In 2024, on the UTV side, several stand out and the choice will be difficult, as many have their place here. The recreational UTV segment is very popular here in Quebec and is constantly growing on our trails. The comfort of a side-by-side vehicle and the practicality of many aspects is a purchasing criterion for many of you.     

It wasn’t an easy choice for us this year. Because let’s be honest, the list of recreational UTVs is long. Many stand out for their performance, comfort, smooth ride, convenience and storage space, which are important points. When making the selection, we had in mind to identify the vehicles that we believe offer the best value for money. By efficiency, we mean comfort, pleasure of use, mechanical performance and the overall quality of the vehicle.  Here is our Top five recreational UTVs 2024.

Number one : Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000 SE

Top Five Recreational UTVs 2024

In 2024, Yamaha’s Wolverine X2 is equipped with a new 999 cc parallel two-cylinder engine, good for 108 horsepower. A superb progression compared to the old version which had 850 cc. This dose of power gives it a magnificent punch when you need it without having to put the engine to the max like the 850 engine.

It reacts perfectly as soon as you press the accelerator and is appreciably agile on the most winding trails. Combined with the indestructible Ultramatic CVT drivetrain, this tuning is sublime and works together with each other. Interestingly, the Wolverine’s transmission uses its own cooling water intake to handle the right temperature. An oversized V-belt to cope with the large engine’s considerable torque. In this way, Yamaha guarantees the belt for ten years, the only company that dares to guarantee a belt for such a period.  

In 4X4 mode via On-Command, the X2 will drive in the selected mode 2WD, 4WD limited-slip, 4WD diff locked. Yamaha’s Electronic Throttle System (YCC-T) gives a smooth linear throttle response. Thus, by adding the original Yamaha D-Mode communicator, you will have the possibility to choose the following riding modes. CRAWL, TRAIL or SPORT.

The front suspension of the Wolverine is composed as follows: two independent delta arms with stabilizer bar, for a travel of 8.7 inches. At the rear exactly as at the front but for 9.3 inches of travel.

It is equipped with twenty-seven inch Dirt Commander tires for excellent traction no matter rough terrain. 

The Wolverine X2 1000 is truly a choice to consider for your next purchase. Yamaha’s reliability and build quality is to be considered.

Number Two: Polaris RZR XP 1000

Top Five Recreational UTVs 2024

Polaris offers the RZR XP 1000 in the lineup which is capable, with an eye-catching look. This vehicle is not the newest, but it offers a remarkable homogeneity. The RZR XP 1000 is powered by an exclusively naturally aspirated engine which is the Prostar 999 cc four-stroke twin-cylinder engine. This engine, which develops 114 hp, breathes easily at all revs, is good well supported by the efficient CVT transmission. The 114 HP is present.

On the suspension side, Polaris offers Walker Evans 2.5 gas shock absorbers with needle. With sixteen adjustment positions and twenty-inch wheel travel, no terrain will stand up to you. As for the tires, there are 29-inch Trailmaster tires that will have bite no matter the conditions.

The interior of the cabin has not been neglected, the abundant space provides absolute comfort combined with the ultra-comfortable seat. The controls are easy to reach, and the four-inch LCD analog dial is easy to read. The full-size doors will adequately protect you from splashes during your muddy trail rides. Power steering will help you have the smoothest ride in the worst conditions. The RZR XP 1000 is available in two versions: two-seater or four-seater.

The RZR XP 1000 remains a very popular choice for several factors, reliability, comfort and performance. No matter the conditions encountered during your outings, it will make you travel many miles for beautiful moments.

Number Three: Can-Am Maverick Sport

Top Five Recreational UTVs 2024

The Maverick is a big player on the Can-am side that is very popular with UTV enthusiasts. Its sixty-inch width gives it good stability and precision on the trail for its primary vocation of being recreational. 

It is equipped with the famous 976 cc Rotax V-twin engine that develops a good 100 horsepower. The CVT transmission combined with the engine will be a perfect match in any situation encountered along the way.

The Maverick Sport is equipped with SHOWA 2.0 suspension for the DPS and Max DPS versions. For the so-called top-of-the-range versions, it will be Fox 2.5 Podium shock absorbers. For 11.5 inches of travel at the front and 12 inches at the rear. Combined with a wheelbase of 90.6 inches and its width of 60 inches, the vehicle’s footprint on the ground is very large.

The tyre is made up of the excellent 27-inch Maxxis Bighorn tyres that will give it an exemplary smooth ride and good traction on the trail.

Inside the cab, the driving space is good without feeling cramped at the shoulders. On the other hand, legroom is limited. The controls are easily accessible and the dial is easy to read. Also, it has a good storage volume inside.

This UTV is a choice to consider when shopping, the Maverick is really fun to drive. It has good agility on the trail and achieves good comfort no matter how much mileage you do in your day.

Number Four: Honda Pioneer 1000

Top Five Recreational UTVs 2024

Honda’s Pionner 1000 is an extremely interesting choice, as it is not often seen on the trail. But yes, he gets his place and for several reasons. Honda’s goal is to deliver balanced performance and versatility for family recreation. Incredible ruggedness for utilitarian use.

This 999 CC Unicam 8-valve inline-twin engine gives the Pionner a nice 77 horsepower. Mated to a state-of-the-art six-speed DCT automatic transmission. This transmission selects the most appropriate report according to the request. If the rider wants to be more involved in speed management, they will be able to choose the desired gear using the paddles behind the steering wheel as they wish. The performance of the Pioneer is impressive with this DCT transmission with a true engine brake.

The front suspension is independent double wishbone with hydraulic shock absorber that has 10.6 inches of travel. At the rear, it’s the same as at the front, but the hydraulic shocks are adjustable for 10 inches of travel.

The Pioneer is a three-passenger version with the full-width bench seat or a five-passenger version with the addition of a two-seater bench seat in the bed. When no rear passengers seats are required, simply fold them down for more cargo in the dumpster. The interior  at the front remains comfortable, at the rear the passengers will be a little cramped.

The Pioneer will be of innumerable service to you given its versatility, whether for work or simply for cruising.  Honda is renowned for quality products with the most reliable reliability in the industry.

Number Five : CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 SPORT G2

Top Five Recreational UTVs 2024

We have to admit it, since 2015, CFMOTO has continued to surprise the industry year after year. With this constant progress, CFMOTO has carved out a place for itself among the leaders in the industry.

Last year, the engineers worked hard and in 2024 we are offering the ZFORCE 950 SPORT G2. A beautiful redesign as we like them, based on the design of the first ZFORCE 950 but with nice new features. Among other things, a real body in the back for more convenience, and the wheelbase has been extended by 10 inches. This gives more space inside the cabin for more comfort for passengers.

The ZFORCE 950 sport G2 is equipped with a 962.6 CC V-twin four-stroke engine with eight valves. Power will be 90 horsepower and 60.5 pound-feet of torque. It will provide a sporty and responsive performance, especially at mid-range and high revs. CFMOTO has equipped the ZFORCE 950 with the well-known CVTech-IBC transmission for increased reliability. The undercarriage is equipped with a 2WD/ 4WD mode with a driver-lockable front differential.

The front and rear suspension are as follows: independent front, double wishbone and for the rear independent, swingarm. For travel, we’re talking about 12.1 inches at the front and 12.5 inches at the rear. It will absorb bumps after bumps with excellent traction for direct contact with the tires on the ground.

With more than $5,600 in added value in accessories, the ZFORCE 950 sport G2 is the most equipped on the market. All you have to do is fill up some gas to devour the miles and have fun.

On that note, have a good ride and above all happy shopping