Testing the LS2 MX701 Explorer Focus Carbon Off-Road Helmet

Testing the LS2 MX701 Explorer Focus Carbon Off-Road Helmet


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There are several helmet models to choose from, but which one is right for you? Of course, it’s important to measure and try the helmet on for optimum fit. Bear in mind that there are three types of helmet: full-face, modular and jet. Each offers its own positive points and the necessary safety. On the other hand, the jet helmet (open-face type) doesn’t come with integrated goggles, but it can accommodate optician’s glasses. I had the pleasure of trying out the LS2 Explorer MX701 Carbon Focus, and here are my impressions.

Basic specifications

What we have here is a great-looking helmet. It’s available in High vision yellow-Titanium matte, among other colors. Its weight is very light at 1450g (+/- 50g). The grip gives the impression of holding a top-quality helmet. It has an intermediate oval shape and meets DOT (ECE) standards. It is designed with a 6K carbon fiber shell. A UV treatment, as well as anti-scratch with a double visor. It costs $649.99 from Kimpex.


A closer look at the helmet

In terms of comfort, we have a technical fabric lining that is removable and, above all, washable. The cheek pads are 3D laser-cut for pressure-free comfort. 

Then, in terms of safety, the chin strap offers a quick release for secure closure. The emergency release system is highly effective, allowing the helmet to be removed without injury or discomfort. All helmets should be fitted with this attachment system. 

LS2 MX701

Another practical feature is the visor system. The one on the outside provides protection and full visibility. I love the panoramic view! It’s made of optically distortion-free Class A polycarbonate and also features a Pinlock insert for fog resistance. It closes with a latch that’s as easy to put on as it is to take off. This ensures a complete helmet seal. The tinted visor is inside, and is virtually full size. It’s activated by a simple push-button on the bottom left of the helmet. I’ll confess to looking for it a bit at first.

An important point is helmet ventilation. I can confirm that there’s no lack of it. All ventilation spaces are adjustable, with multiple air inlets providing a dynamic flow inside the helmet. This considerably reduces fogging of the visor. The helmet stays cool even on hot days. All in all, a pleasant, comfortable fit.

Comfort, silence and build quality in evidence

I’m pleasantly surprised by the LS2 Explorer MX701 headset. I love the adventurous, motocross style. I was so excited to discover it in its box. A magical reception! We’re dealing with an experienced company that loves to create a beautiful product in its entirety. I can’t overlook the magnificent bag, as well as the helmet protector. Durable protection for transporting or storing the helmet and its accessories.

Wearing the helmet is surprisingly comfortable. Once slipped over the head, it’s soft and creates an incomparable fit. I really do have a small head and a very delicate face, and it’s not always easy to find a helmet that fits. Fortunately, this is the case here, and once on the trail, I love its lightness, which doesn’t create any discomfort, especially on the face or neck. The chin strap is secure. I’ll admit that the attachment system isn’t easy to understand at first, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you love the concept. The helmet’s soundproofing is remarkable. During a long outing, you don’t get auditory fatigue. Even with the visor closed, I could hear my son talking to me with the quad running. 

Before, I was used to wearing a helmet with motocross-style goggles. Now I’ve discovered this LS2 MX701 helmet with a wide visor. There’s a very pleasant feeling of visual freedom. The panoramic vision is incredible, allowing you to see everything without even turning your head completely around. The visor is easy to open and close. The tinted inner visor is a plus in my opinion, as it replaces sunglasses. It’s easy to operate from the bottom of the helmet and provides excellent coverage. My eyes tire quickly when the sun is out, but with this system, I’m in heaven. 

I’d add that this is a helmet I’d definitely recommend. The product is worth the price, I assure you. Quality, durability and comfort. 

In conclusion

Choosing a helmet is very personal. However, there are a few factors that influence our choice. Choosing the right helmet increases the pleasure of riding. A lightweight helmet like this one is perfect for long-distance rides, as well as all types of surfaces. 

Plus points:

  • Panoramic view 
  • Very light helmet
  • Very effective soundproofing
  • Emergency release system
  • Carrying bag and protective pouch

Negative points:

  • Complex safety clip
  • High price