Test of the Polaris Sportsman 570 Premium 2023



Table des matières

The Sportsman lineup, introduced almost 30 years ago, continues to fill the hearts of its owners. Even today, as in its beginnings, the strong points continue to oscillate around performance and comfort… For 2023, we are keeping this winning formula…

Our tested vehicle


The Sportsman Touring Premium 570 is a mature vehicle that has undergone several small improvements over the years. Truly designed for the trail, it will offer pleasure, comfort and economy to its owner. The Premium version will come to you with active hill descent control, which works in parallel with the engine braking system (EBS), mirrors, passenger seat with handles, footrests, etc. The Premium trim’s ground clearance is 11.5 inches, a half-inch higher than its Touring 570 sibling. Multi-selective EPS electronic power steering is also standard, with 26-inch CST front and rear tires, on aluminum wheels offering a stylish 14-inch look.

A few numbers

In terms of performance, the 567 cc, four-stroke DOHC single-cylinder Prostar develops 44 horsepower, with plenty of torque at low revs. Our model offers a wheelbase of 142.2 cm (56 inches), 87 cm (34.25 inches) seat height, 121.9 cm (48 inches) width for a total length of 218.4 cm (86 inches). ). There is a variable transmission with park, reverse, neutral, front low (Low) and high (High). Two transmission modes, two-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive also with active descent control.

Towing capacity is 555.7 kg (1225 pounds), front rack capacity is 41 kg (90 pounds), while up to 82 kg (180 pounds) can be carried on the rear rack . To store your tools and things, you will find 23 liters of useful storage under the front compartment and 8 liters under the rear seat. In addition, you can take advantage of the Lock & Ride attachment system which allows you to quickly secure your load for your long rides.



The power of this small 570 cm3 single-cylinder could be described as surprising. The use of the 44 horsepower is linear and offers very good throttle response, especially at low revs. Clutch calibration is undoubtedly one of the vehicle’s strong points. The years of experience on this model are felt. We remained conservative, but effective. The transfer of power to the wheels is certainly one of the most efficient in the industry, certainly putting the competition with higher displacements to shame… Acceleration is powerful, pick-up very efficient and without backlash, with a nice smoothness at start-up.

Driving position


The Sportsman‘s driving position is one of its major assets! It fits virtually all pilot sizes without any modification. One of the most comfortable in the industry for long rides. The seat is sufficiently soft, both for the pilot and the passenger. The leg position is 90 degrees with plenty of space for the feet, the brake pedal, although a little high, is easily accessible and requires very little effort to lock the rear wheels. The handles are high enough to provide a comfortable and ergonomic position for the rider.

All this while making turns easier with plenty of clearance under the handles, even during very tight turns. On the passenger side, we find a high backrest which offers good support, the handles for the passenger offer several possibilities of grip, but they still remain a little uncomfortable. The position should be reviewed in order to provide better ergonomics for the passenger.

Behavior on trail…


No doubt, the Sportsman is certainly one of the most comfortable in the industry, the suspension is very supple, absorbing normal trail bumps with ease. Really ideal for those who like to take long walks. If you’re the type to push more aggressively on rough trails, you’ll need to juggle a soft suspension. In fact, it makes it easier for the front of the ATV is affected by a significant roll when braking or turning. If you ride two up regularly, it will be a good idea to adjust the preload of the rear shock absorbers in order to maintain a good height level, and thus a good travel. The three-mode adjustable power steering does a very good job, and it is adjustable to reduce assistance on faster trails.


  • Suspension comfort, remarkable!
  • Single-cylinder power.
  • Calibration of the clutches which gives thanks to the 44 horsepower.
  • Fuel saving, very fuel efficient.

Points to improve

  • • The gear selector… It is always difficult to position the gear arm in the right place.
  • • Absence of front bumper, which exposes the front part to breakage.
  • • No winch for a Premium version.
  • • High price depending on the competition.
  • • Insufficient halogen lighting.


The Sportsman 570 Premium is by far one of the best riding vehicles in the Polaris range, even in 2023 after a decade on the market. The level of comfort stands out, both in terms of the driving position and the comfort of the suspension. Comfort for the passenger is worthy of mention on the seat and backrest, which are soft. The footrests are effective, for almost all sizes.

The splash protection is effective for both occupants. However, we noticed water infiltration on the right side near the driver’s foot. When passing through large puddles of water, it seeps between the clutch protection cover and the protection panel. Although it is not major, it is important to note because it is an irritant.

The small 44-horsepower single-cylinder consumes very little fuel and offers you more than acceptable power! Both in terms of acceleration and recovery, it puts the competition to shame… On the loading side, the Polaris Look and Ride system will allow you to transport your luggage safely. It’s easy to use and offers plenty of loading options.

If you are looking for a comfortable and economical two-seater ATV, it is essential to add the Sportsman Touring 570 Premium to your purchasing list!!

Thank you to the Polaris Appalaches Performance dealership in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce for loaning the vehicle!