Discover the Outaouais Differently, on a Quad!

discover the outaouais differently, on a quad!


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Who can claim to know the Outaouais without having ventured out on a quad in this region, more than 78% of which is forested? The ATV is the perfect tool for admiring the beauty of the unique landscapes that surround you.

An ATV excursion will take you through a variety of landscapes. Take the opportunity to stop on your way to admire the horizons as far as the eye can see, by climbing to the top of an observation tower perched in the middle of nature. Outdoor activities, rides or excursions, don’t resist the call of the Outaouais. Set off on a four-wheeled adventure, whatever the season, and discover places otherwise inaccessible.

observation tower perched in the middle of nature

Abundant accommodations for quad riders

The Outaouais region forms a southern border with Ontario. The cities of Gatineau and Ottawa are perfect examples. It is bordered by the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region to the north and west, and by the Laurentians to the south. Altitudes range from 37 m at the Ottawa River to 610 m on the heights of the Cabonga reservoir. Discover the hidden charms of the Outaouais! 

Many types of accommodation are accessible by four-wheel drive. From hotels and motels to campgrounds and outfitters, you’ll find it easy to stay and eat.

A good way to explore the region is on the trails of the Fédération Québécoise des Clubs Quads. 

A trail pass is mandatory. They are marked and maintained by local clubs, including Club Quad de l’Outaouais and Club Quad Vallée-de-la-Gatineau. For short excursions, you can ride in the Outaouais zecs under certain conditions.

Club Quad Vallée-de-la-Gatineau is based in Maniwaki, 90 km north of Gatineau. It manages and maintains 340 km of federated trails, connected to other trails that allow you to get away from it all. Three heated shelters are available for hikers to enjoy a stopover in the heart of nature. Most of the trails pass through forested areas, such as the Forêt de l’Aigle. You can follow the Route des Draveurs, named after the men who transported the logs down the river. Further north, the Baskatong reservoir will enchant you with its many inviting beaches and endless expanse of water.

the Route des Draveurs, named after the men who transported the logs down the river

Maniwaki is an interesting starting point for a quad tour. Several hotels, restaurants and bars are available, including the Auberge du Draveur, which is coupled with the Resto pub Le Rabaska.

The Château Logue Hôtel is another popular resort, with its indoor pool, fitness center, spa and massage therapy services. 

Camping Lac 31 Milles is a must for nature lovers.

Head north to Grand-Remous on trail 20. Further south, stop off at Mont Morissette regional park to observe the lakes and vast Outaouais forests as far as the eye can see from the panoramic observation tower. You are welcome to use the service access with your quad to get to the refuge and lookout.

panoramic observation tower

It’s also possible to descend to Cayamant Lake, some 30 kilometers further down, via trail 02. It’s a unique opportunity to climb to the top of this observation tower, to contemplate a surprising view over the expanse of the region. A stop at the Rustik 55 restaurant is a must, for a drink or a meal in a welcoming setting or on the terrace.

Further south, the Club Quad de l’Outaouais is located in L’Ange-Gardien, at the corner of Chemin Industriel and Chemin Henri-Charland. The club’s large parking lot is a starting point for many rides. The trail leads to Relais Chartrand, where you can take a short break. Other relays, such as Gauvreau’s and the Wabassee refuge, are also located here.

More itineraries!

There are plenty of itineraries in the Outaouais region, many of which you can discover on the Facebook pages of our partner quads clubs and Tourisme Outaouais.

more itineraries!

The iQuad application on the Federation’s website lets you check open trails and create your own itineraries.

A circuit in the Pontiac is proposed, starting from the Shawville arena parking lot. The 117 km route is best appreciated during the autumn color season, but can be enjoyed all summer long. The federated trail passes through nearby villages such as Thorne, Doherty and Clarendon.

An excursion to try starts at the Otter Lake Recreation Center parking lot, passing through Leslie Park, which has a campground with a welcoming, shallow beach. You can stay overnight at Chalet Rivière Coulonge in Mansfield-et-Pontefract. A stop at the Club Quad du Pontiac shelter is a must. The J&A Bowers restaurant in Mansfield is a good place to dine. The return to Otter Lake is via the Picanoc trail. The loop is 115 km long.

In Petite Nation, Saint-André-Avellin is a good place to start, as you head up 321 towards Chénéville. The destination is Duhamel, with its many roe deer roaming free (and generously fed by the locals). All the more reason to dine at the Rendez-Vous du Chevreuil restaurant, unless you push on to the Auberge Couleurs de France, which is in fact a vast, warm wooden chalet offering room and board.

Tips for new quad riders!

tips for new quad riders!

Quad and side-by-side motorized sports are attracting a new clientele, who are not always familiar with the spirit and rules of the trails. The first reminder concerns speed, which must never exceed 50 km/h. In the vicinity of dwellings, the speed limit is reduced to 30 km/h, for reasons of safety and noise levels. Trails are not freeways, and traffic flows in both directions. Be careful not to go too wide on bends, as head-on collisions can happen very quickly. Slow down if you see deer or other animals, and don’t force them to run.

There are several ATV dealers in the Outaouais region, such as Équipements Maniwaki, a Can-Am dealer, or 819 Motosports in Gatineau, ready to help out if need be.

Don’t forget to visit the club websites for more information. Consult the interactive map to plan your route. And for those looking for accommodation or restaurants, the Tourisme Outaouais website offers a selection of unmissable choices.

So, are you ready for this adventure? Get your quads ready, the Outaouais awaits!

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