Share the Fun on the Trail With the Cfmoto Zforce 950 Sport 4


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If you’ve been following us for a while, you know CFMOTO. We like this manufacturer and have been testing their machines for a long time. One of the things we asked for was a sporty multipassenger SxS, and they delivered the all-new 2024 CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 Sport 4. This is CFMOTO’s first recreational machine with room for four people. The ZFORCE 950 Sport 4 is ready to take your thrills to the track. Let’s take a look.

The engine

The first thing people often look for in a sporty SxS is the engine and the power it delivers. The CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 Sport 4 uses the same engine as the ZFORCE 950 Sport and ZForce 950 Trail – a 963 cm3, liquid-cooled, SOHC, eight-valve, four-stroke V-twin that produces 90 horsepower at 7750 rpm. The engine also produces a very respectable 64 foot-pounds of torque. This engine, which first appeared on the ZFORCE 950 Trail, is perfect for trail riding. It delivers pleasant, responsive power, thanks in part to the Bosch electronic fuel injection system. It offers plenty of low-end power to squeeze through tight trails, and solid high-speed power when you get the chance to open up the machine. All managed by a CVTech belt drive transmission.


Of course, there are other, more powerful machines out there, and sometimes we need a little more power. However, the power of the ZFORCE Sport 4 is more than sufficient for pleasant trail riding. It performs well at low revs. At medium and high rpm, its performance is very good. You don’t feel as much excitement as on more powerful machines, but for most trails, you don’t notice it.

Grip and traction

When it comes to traction, the ZFORCE 950 Sport 4 has three driving modes: two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and four-wheel with differential lock. The ZFORCE rides on 27-inch CST Stag tires wrapped around 14-inch cast aluminum wheels. The wheels are suspended by A-arms at the front and a TTA system at the rear using A-arms and a connecting rod. 

Grip and traction

To complete the suspension system, the CFMOTO uses high-pressure gas-charged shock absorbers with seven-position compression adjustment and piggyback reservoir. The suspension and tires help give the ZFORCE 950 Sport, Sport 4 and Trail models 12 inches of ground clearance. 

We found the tires to be excellent in most conditions. Ground clearance is in line with what we’d expect from a trail machine, and we had no problems with ruts or obstacles encountered.

Suspension response is also very good. It’s not always easy to get good suspension on a sporty four-seater. You have to strike a balance between the vehicle’s response and the number of passengers. CFMOTO has done a good job, with a suspension system that is very responsive on the track. It’s very comfortable and not unduly stiff. Feel free to play with the shock absorber settings as you vary the number of passengers. We found it very helpful. Especially when pushing the ZFORCE hard on the trails.

More for your money

The CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 Sport 4 offers a few extra benefits that should please you. It comes with a two-inch hitch and the ability to tow 1,500 pounds. Other features you’ll appreciate include full-length half-doors. A 4,500-pound winch is also factory-installed in case you get stuck or need to clear a fallen tree from the trail. It’s equipped with electronic power steering, side mirrors, comfortable seats and a hardtop to protect you from the elements.

The ZFORCE 950 Sport 4 has dimensions of 151 inches long, 60 inches wide and 74 inches high, making it legal for many trail systems. Curb weight is 795 kg and the fuel tank is 37 liters. Which simply means this machine is trail-ready.

Lighting is provided by LED headlamps, and the ZFORCE, like all CFMOTO machines, is already equipped with turn signals, mirrors and a horn, interesting features on the trail. 


The colors are Nebula Black, Desert Tan and Lava Orange. The three choices are quite striking, although the Lava Orange is really quite eye-catching.

Driving it

While we admit we love super-sporty, high-powered UTVs, our real passion is trail riding with machines that emphasize the trail experience. That’s exactly what the CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 Sport 4 is all about. 


The company is seriously on the move, with a growing range of machines and features that rival better-known brands. It listens to the public’s expectations and strives to bring vehicles to market that meet them. That’s where this machine comes in. Yes, there are plenty of SxS riders who talk about power, speed and long-travel suspension, but what most people really want is a solid machine for trail riding. Ask a dealer what sells best, and he’ll tell you it’s utility and trail machines.

The ZFORCE performs very well on trails and is a fun machine for you and your passengers. We’re very pleased that CFMOTO has brought a true four-seat sport machine to market. We’ve enjoyed our time behind the wheel and can’t wait to get back out on the trails with this SxS this season. We’ve had no problems with our test machine so far, and we’re very confident in its capabilities.


The ZFORCE’s seat is comfortable, with plenty of room for taller riders. An LCD screen displays all the information you need about the machine while you’re driving it. The cabin layout is natural, with no awkward movements required to operate or view the components. You never want anything to distract you from driving, and ZFORCE delivers.

How can you personalize your ride? There’s a wide range of genuine CFMOTO accessories that let you customize the machine to suit your needs. These include windscreens, guard rails, speaker systems, luggage compartment covers and much more.


A final word

One thing we find very comforting about the ZFORCE 950 Sport 4 is CFMOTO’s five-year limited warranty. A company has to have confidence in its product to offer you a long warranty, and it’s very reassuring to know that it’s so committed to the machine and to you as the buyer. Speaking of buying, this one’s priced at $27,249, all expenses included. Once again, it’s nice to see a manufacturer offering a direct price. Visit your CFMOTO dealer today to find out more about these fun and exciting machines. We think this model will be one of CFMOTO’s most popular this year. Check one out and you’ll see why.

Rock St-Pierre