CFMOTO CFORCE 600 Touring 2024 review



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The CFORCE 600 Touring 2024 from CFMOTO is surely a choice to consider for a future purchase and here is why. For starters, just in basic accessorizing, you get what you pay for. Every unit that rolls off the assembly line is ready to hit the trail with virtually no additions on your part. We’re talking about a mirror, winch, bumpers, trailer hitch, passenger backrest, five-year warranty, hand protector.

This frame impressed us when we had the chance to try it in Saint-Victor en Beauce. We must admit, CFMOTO provides us with ATVs of remarkable design with reliability now there. Over the past few years CFMOTO has constantly been in innovation mode and 2023 is no exception. The CFORCE 600 Touring was able to stand out in certain aspects from three other quads in the same categories during this test weekend. But, let’s focus on the 2024 600 Touring and here are our impressions of this ATV.

CFMOTO CFORCE 600 Touring 2024 review

Let’s talk about the engine of the CFORCE 600 Touring 2024:

CFMOTO has equipped the CFORCE 600 with a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, four-valve engine. A displacement of 580 cm3 which develops 40 horsepower, with a compression of 10.7:1. This fuel-injected engine will be able to compete with the competition in the same category without too much difficulty. The sound of this one is superbly smooth, and even when accelerating, it will remain soft to the ear.




CFMOTO does not change a winning recipe, as it has accustomed us to since its arrival in Canada in 2005. The CFORCE range is equipped with the efficient CV-Tech IBC transmission manufactured here in Quebec by Umatek. This transmission, known worldwide for being a high-performance product, is one of the most advanced designs. This transmission and engine combo proves to be an excellent match from CFMOTO.

This allows the CFORCE 600 to perform well regardless of the trail it faces. The arrival of this transmission line in 2007 on its ATVs allowed CFMOTO to compete and increase reliability in this area. L/H/N/R/P speed changes are done with very good precision and easily. The choice of two or four-wheel drive mode is made on the right side of the handlebars using an easy-to-access selector. And we have the possibility of locking the front differential if necessary.

The suspension:

CFMOTO CFORCE 600 Touring 2024 review

For the front suspension, we use an independent double wishbone which gives us 6.3 inches of travel. For the rear, it remains the same as the front, but this time with 8.2 inches of travel. Overall, the combination of the two gives us good comfort and absorbs bounce well on the move.

What are we expecting in terms of equipment and strengths:

True to itself, CFMOTO comes to us with an ATV equipped practically from A to Z. This consists of an assortment of standard accessories included with the purchase of the vehicule: side mirrors, hand protectors, LED headlights , turn signals, 2,500 pound winch to name a few. The list is still impressive to finish, enough to make the competition blush. Engine management can be used in normal or work mode, really noticeable between the two modes, power steering, Canadian CVTech clutch system.

Learning and first contact with the CFORCE 600 Touring:

I must admit, I’m starting to get used to this quad for two reasons. The first to have already tried it when it was released in 2019 during its introduction with the CFMOTO range. And the second, my son has one, but a single seat. On the other hand, for the touring version of the 600, this is my first experience. In addition to their length, we are talking here about two hundred millimeters more for touring, the ATV remains the same. The first contact and learning were quick for me, the dial is easily located and easy to read. The controls have since been improved, but have kept their original place with a certain original ergonomics (the separate front and rear brake controls, in particular).

Impression on the trail:

CFMOTO CFORCE 600 Touring 2024 review

When my passenger and I take our seats, I notice that the space between the two of us is satisfactory and comfortable. The first kilometers were mainly in learning mode, in order to familiarize myself with a passenger. The CFORCE reacts well in curves with good precision and remains very stable in tight turns. When accelerating, we notice a slight lack of pick-up and power, but we manage to keep a constant speed despite everything. When going up a long slope, we notice that it maintains its speed but by forcing it slightly. In this regard, the forty horsepower of the engine could be increased in a future redesign.

The CVTech transmission works perfectly regardless of the conditions, but presents a lack of vigor at the start. It seems inert when asked for an accelerated start and regains vigor while rolling. In a section of bumpy trail, you can slightly notice the jolting effect, probably a consequence of the lack of calibration of the shock absorbers. As a result, this causes a slight shift of the ATV, but does not unduly affect driving and it remains stable on the trail. We always need time and a certain adaptation when we have to use brakes. The reason is we have to get used to the brake which is right on the handlebars for front braking. For the rear, you have to use the foot pedal which is high to reach and the combination of the two is confusing.

CFORCE 600 manners with a passenger:


The performance of the CFORCE 600 on the trail with my passenger was correct overall. In no case did my passenger harm or touch me during various trail driving maneuvers; good point on this side. The driver’s footboards seem high, which has the effect of having the legs too bent compared to the competition. And the passenger’s pegs are too short, which results in the tips of his feet touching the pilot’s calves. The seat has a good padding and is comfortable, the handles have good grip and are easy to reach. Despite two people of good size, the quad always performed well throughout the journey and was able to keep up with the pace of the group.

In conclusion, here are our general impressions:

This little ATV, despite its small displacement of 580 cm3, was able to impress us throughout the weekend. With its long list of accessories and an attractive price, the CFORCE 600 is worth considering for a future purchase. It will be an excellent ally for your trail rides and capable of working around the chalet easily. Driving is pleasant and easy to control, the controls are easy to access and the dial is easy to read while moving.

The driving position is well positioned, but is slightly low for tall people. The turning radius can become annoying in the long run when you have to turn back on a narrow path. We would like in the next redesign more energy for the engine and for the transmission during fast starts. It has a modern and eye-catching look. In terms of storage, it has two small storage boxes, one at the front and one at the rear. CFMOTO tires have good bite and work well on trails, whether they will last in the long term remains to be validated.

What we liked:

  • Accessories included with purchase
  • Behavior on the trail with a passenger
  • LED lighting front and rear

What we liked least:

  • Turning radius
  • Transmission numb at first
  • Separate brakes that work separately from each other

We also want to warmly thank our friend Réal Dorval from Maniac Moto, in Montmagny, for helping us out at the last minute and lending us this test machine.

On that note, have a good ride!