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Managing the cold in the woods: easier said than done, especially on the back of a quad for an outing to the hunting camp or the fishing spot. The coolers found in department stores are ideal for SUV trips to the beach or picnics at the local amusement park. But when you have to get away much further, two factors come into play: the cold management and the box’s solidity.

You are not the first to ask yourself this question. Two Texan brothers passionate about hunting, fishing, and the wild territories faced the same worries: broken handles or smashed lids. So in 2006, they went into business to create solid coolers, “tough,” as they say in Texas! Marketing? No special marketing. Just word of mouth, robust products, and a price accordingly, because quality and solidity require significant investments in production.

And changing your cooler every two outings or throwing away your food is a budget to consider as well. Fifteen years later, the YETI company still exists and has diversified, proof of their competence!


The Tundra 45 cooler

Let’s start detailing the cooler. Its outer size is 65 cm (26 in) long, 41 cm (16 in) wide, and 39 cm (15 in) high. This size allows it to be strapped on most quads.

The rubber latches are patented and very sturdy. Users have reported no breakage; it’s solid! Opening the lid (you have to exert a little force because it is airtight), you discover the inner wall thickness similar to those of a Brink’s armored truck. Let’s be precise: the walls are 7,6 cm (3 in) thick! The body of the cooler is rotomolded, meaning it’s practically indestructible.

If you search YouTube, you can find Yeti Tundra tests videos. By a strong man, a giant slingshot, fireworks, and even a grizzly bear. Either way, the cooler suffered only minor scratches and remained functional.

Commercial grade polyurethane foam is pressure injected inside the walls and in the cover to provide Permafrost insulation.

In fact, an independent journal carried out an effectiveness test for maintaining the cold with ten other brands of coolers. By adding just 3 lbs of ice, the interior has cooled down to 45 degrees F (7 degrees Celsius). It was the only cooler whose temperature remained stable for 24 hours, then rose to 65 F ° (18 degrees Celsius) on the second day. The Tundra cooler won the cold test with honors.

To perfect the details, the hinges work on two hinge pins to prevent system breakage. The internal seal in the lid is identical to those used in freezers to ensure better cold retention.

The handles are made with military-grade polyester rope and non-slip grips.

A drainage system allows the cooler to be emptied quickly and easily.

Molded anchor slots make it easy to hoist the box onto the boat or into the truck bed.

Pros: Owning a Yeti is an outward sign of wealth for outdoor enthusiasts. Anyone reading this article will know that you shelled out $ 400 for your cooler. The cherry on top: choose the burgundy color (harvest), which brings a touch of originality compared to the more traditional desert sand color.

This cooler is the most efficient on the market and the most robust, no doubt.

Cons: The price of $ 400 may be a show stopper for many. But think of it as an investment. Over ten years of use, it will come back to $ 40 per year; that’s not much!

The Tundra 45 is named after the number of liters of capacity. In reality, with the size of the walls worthy of a fortified castle, it is instead 38 liters that it can accommodate.

The cooler was not designed to attach to a quad. Anchor slots can be used, but straps must be stretched on each side. The handles are a hook, but it lacks precision. So it may take some imagination to fix it properly.

In conclusion, the test result is clearly positive regarding reliability and the degree of cold conservation associated with customer satisfaction because no cooler will retain its cold better than the YETI Tundra.

The Tundra comes in several sizes, from 35 liters ($ 360) to 350 liters ($ 1,700).

Visit the Canadian website to find more about YETI coolers, the list of stores distributing the product, and the possibility of purchasing online.