Update on the Arctic Cat Prowler Pro and Prowler Pro Crew



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The Prowler Pro is the latest addition to the Arctic Cat utility UTV family and it is also the only one in 2023 with the disappearance of the small Prowler 500. It is offered with 3 or 6 passenger cabins. When it was introduced, it was so resolutely work-oriented that Caterpillar chose it to integrate it into its range in 2 or 6-passenger versions. We say the Prowler Pro was definitely work-oriented, because Arctic Cat gave its suspension a major overhaul last year. We will come back later.

Update on the Arctic Cat Prowler Pro and Prowler Pro Crew

The presentation of the Prowler Pro

The vehicle is powered by an 812cc EFI three-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. The block comes from the Chinese company Chery, but seasoned with Arctic Cat sauce, which retouched the fuel intake, exhaust and engine mapping. It provides a modest 50 horsepower and 48 pounds of torque. However, the intention of the manufacturer was not to deliver raw power, but to offer the best possible operating silence.

For this purpose, the motor called whisper quiet, has been designed with an air intake that dampens sound, motor mounts that reduce noise and vibration and a calibrated muffler to eliminate noise as much as possible. The results are convincing, as the Prowler Pro’s motor emits a noise level of 58 dB, making it the quietest in the industry. The transmission is of the CVT type and was revised in 2022 to increase its performance. The driver-selectable AWD system is supported by a self-locking front differential and a rear that can be unlocked (Turf mode).

The suspension is independent at all four wheels and has 10 inches of travel in the front and 9.5 inches in the rear. This was recalibrated in 2022 and the improvement in comfort is appreciable. Ground clearance has been increased to up to 13 inches. This vehicle is capable of carrying up to 1000 pounds in its tilt bed, which is the same load that Ford allows you to put in the box of the F150. Also, the towing capacity is 2000 pounds.

Access to the cabin is very easy, as the door opens onto a flat floor from one side of the vehicle to the other. The space offered is spacious and the use of a gear selector on the steering column frees up maximum space for the 3rd passenger in the middle. The flat bench seat can seat a third passenger thanks to the seat belt in place, but there are no grab handles or center head restraints. However, Arctic Cat has made a lot of effort for storage, such as a sealed space is provided behind the seat backrest, closed spaces are provided under the seat and in the dashboard in front of the passenger. Said seat is straight and the padding is firm.

Driving impression

Taking a seat on board the Prowler Pro is child’s play, all you have to do is open the half-door, put your foot on the floor and slide yourself into the bench seat. Steering wheel clearance from the driver and legroom are very generous. Once behind the wheel, visibility all around the vehicle is very good.

When starting the engine, you can hear it turn and start up discreetly. As you begin to move forward, you realize that you hear more tire noise than mechanical noise! This means that his nickname of Whisper quiet is not usurped. Obviously, with a power of 50 horsepower with a vehicle of this size, do not expect breathtaking performance, but it is still adequate for the intended use of the vehicle. Within a group of a few people on the trail, I could maintain the pace at 50 km/h without problems. On a forest road, with a bit of patience, the Prowler Pro will be able to reach a speed of around 90 km/h, which is very respectable for a utility SSV.

Front suspension detail

The Prowler Pro originally came with stiff suspension that was designed for work first. However, Arctic Cat thoroughly revised the calibration of the front suspension last year in order to soften the damping. By riding the trails at a good pace, we have to admit that the results are convincing. We still feel the bumps, but the vehicle is not brutal in its reactions and the comfort is of good quality for the category.

The power steering is direct and adds to the driving pleasure of this vehicle. On the other hand, the seat offers comfort and is slippery like a school bus seat. When driving on the trail, you slide on the bench seat and look for a place to hold on and stay in place. The builder could use a non-slip seat cover.

The Prowler Pro is a very efficient utility vehicle that can also be fun to use on trails for hiking or long-distance work crew trips.