Top 10 gift ideas for Christmas ATV riders



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Eh yes! The snow is falling on our trails and the cold is starting to be felt. This is a harbinger of the holiday season. In fact, all that’s missing is Christmas songs to remind us of this wonderful moment. I can’t help but browse the websites to see what might appeal to quad riders. An interesting diversity made up of essentials and what is often put aside. What could be better than offering yourself a top 10 gift ideas for your inspiration? Here are 10 suggestions:

1- Heated stockings

A great must-have! With a good pair of boots it’s an ideal combo. This helps wick away moisture and keeps your feet warm. I chose a versatile and affordable model. The K-1055 heated socks from Energy Techwear.

Each stocking contains a pouch and an individual battery with a power button with three heat settings. The batteries are rechargeable and can provide up to nine hours of heat.

The asked price is $159.99


2- Folding shovel

A great troubleshooter in difficult situations in the snow. The folding shovel takes up very little space in the trunk of our ATV. The Tactic FXR shovel is extendable up to 37 inches. There is a small saw built into the handle. It is equipped with an ergonomic forged aluminum handle for a light and durable shovel.

It is available for $67.99.

3- Battery or manual chain saw

I offer you two chain saw options for all budgets.

At a lower cost and with incredible efficiency, the manual saw takes up very little space in the trunk. It is sturdy and comes with a storage pouch. The hand saw is capable of cutting medium-sized logs.

It is available at $34.99


Also, the portable battery chain saw is really interesting. There are several models on Amazon, including the well-made Dewalt (battery not included). A slightly higher budget, but it remains a practical solution to have in the trunk of our quad in all seasons.

Retails for around $80 and up.


4- Power supply/battery starter

It’s difficult to miss this essential if you drive four seasons. I love the Noco Genius GB40 Boost plus model. It can perform up to 20 starts on a single charge. It can work into extreme temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius. Also, it is possible to charge our smart devices and phones using an included USB port. The power supply recharges in less than three hours and can hold its charge for a year with more than 1000 charge cycles.

This power supply can be found at Canadian Tire for $149.99.


5- Protective cover for smartphone

Everyone can attest to the inconvenience of a phone that runs out of battery in a short time due to the cold in winter. We’re going to put aside the beautiful little stocking knitted by grandma and opt for an insulated pouch. A $12 very well invested to keep a cell phone in good health. The pouch protects the phone from cold, shocks and scratches.

It is available for $12.00.

6- Maintenance-cleaning set

It’s always nice to have a nice and clean quad. Products that are easy to use, effective and give extraordinary results. Savon Expert has proven itself for an expanded range of products. I recommend the Adrenaline Box Kit with five essential products. The kit contains conventional soap, degreaser, instant wax for bodywork, chrome, plastic, as well as helmet and visor. A polish for tires and porous plastics. The mosquito killer that can be replaced by the Vitre-O-Net during the winter.

The products are available in several points of sale throughout Quebec as well as for online ordering. The kit retails for $33.26.

7- Cordless air compressor

It is always possible to have the conventional air compressor on hand. On the other hand, I offer you speed and efficiency. No need to have our quad running to use it. The Bullseye Pro Rechargeable Cordless Tire Inflator is equipped with a digital pressure display. Plus, it can deliver a good amount of air in less than two minutes. It is possible to inflate four tires in a single charge. The battery is rechargeable and removable.

The product is available at Canadian Tire for $79.99.


8- Scott protection set

Every good quad rider should equip themselves with this rain protection set. Having tested it a few times, I recommend it. Whether it’s to protect our clothes from dust or a heavy rain, it does the job! Available in black or bright yellow, you must plan to purchase them separately. The advantage is to choose the right sizes according to our needs. The Scott set, in addition to being beautiful, offers protection using a stretchy, breathable, windproof and waterproof DRYOsphere laminated membrane. Each piece comes with a carrying bag and makes the whole thing very minimalist. No problem to bring it in the trunk.

The coat costs $98.99 and the pants cost $94.49. Costs may vary slightly for the men’s or women’s model. They are available in any good AYV store or on websites such as Fortnine or Revco.

9- FXR thermal underwear

We always underestimate the first layer of clothing, especially in winter, but on the contrary it is the most important. It helps keep the body warm while maximizing heat. It must also be able to wick away moisture and keep the body dry. Pyro thermal FXR underwear has excellent value for money. Available in several different warmth levels, sold separately sweater/pants and men’s/women’s model. The cut is nice and snug.

The sweater retails for $56.99 as well as the pants at the same price. Prices may vary slightly for the men’s and women’s model. Available at any good snowmobile or ATV retailer.

10- Hydration backpack

A very interesting gift for the quad rider who always wants water close at hand. Often, when you bring water in the trunk, it’s easy to forget it. The hydration backpack is an essential for me. Also provides storage for cell phones, money, useful cards or some food. Camelback is the go-to company for hydration packs. Allows a multitude of products according to needs and formats. You will tell me that it is not practical in winter, but there is an insulated tank with complete tube insulation.

Prices vary greatly depending on specifications, ranging from around $50 to $200. Available in all sports stores such as SAIL, Sports Experts or MEC.

Don’t forget to add a subscription to ATV Trail Rider magazine to your Christmas stocking.

It’s always a pleasure to receive!