Theron REEVER – Test

Theron REEVER - Test


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A few months ago, the Planète Quad team introduced you to Theron Sport. This innovative company is the first to offer a 100% electric quad that is entirely designed in Quebec. Recently, we had the opportunity to test their prototype: the Theron REEVER. A few rough tests and different types of terrain later, we can now give you our impressions. 

Theron REEVER - Test
Theron REEVER – Test

Look and distinctive elements

The first aspect that we will discuss is the appearance of the REEVER, which catches the eye. We found a happy mix between aggressive, chiseled lines and others that are a little more classic. The design is quite minimalist, but still provides some design elements that make it stand out. Several members of the team found that there was a lot of DNA from a well known sport ATV –  the Yamaha Banshee. Especially the front shape with its very narrow fenders and plunging front end. Its two round lights also contribute to the sporty style. Three additional LED front lights give it a futuristic look. It definitely stands out.

Want a custom look? When ordering, you can configure your quad as you wish. For example, you can choose the color of the frame and one of the many designs for the wrap that will cover the fairing. Numerous optional equipment, different driveability and autonomy options are on the menu to build a quad well adapted to your needs and tastes. This is a cool feature that will help you stand out even more. 

Theron REEVER - Test
Theron REEVER – Test
  • Overall width: 1255 mm (49.4″) 
  • Length: 1902 mm – (74.9in) 
  • Wheelbase: 1363 mm – (53.7in) 
  • Ground clearance 235 mm – (9.3in) 
  • Weight: 200 to 260 kg (depending on battery option and driveability) 

Compared to other electric ATVs, the REEVER is very interesting and should be a sweet ride.

Motorization and autonomy

To power the Theron REEVER, several electric powertrain options are available. You can choose between 40 and 70 horsepower, which makes for a lot of power in a quad. Next, you’ll need to determine whether you want rear-wheel drive only or all-wheel drive. Finally, you will have to determine the battery option, which will allow it to reach a maximum range of 180 kilometers. Thanks to this motor, some combinations will allow the REEVER to reach a maximum speed up to 120km/h, which is much higher than what we are allowed in the federated trails. And since this speed is not very suitable for new enthusiasts or teenagers, for example, it is possible to limit the speed and power thanks to the software built into the vehicle. This is another advantage of the electric quad to ensure the safety of all types of users. 

Another interesting aspect is the warranty that the manufacturer offers on its vehicles. This is a guarantee that the manufacturer is confident in the quality and capabilities of its vehicles. Theron provides a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty on the powertrain. You also get 1 year – unlimited mileage on all vehicle components. That’s really good.

Standard and optional equipment

The Theron REEVER comes with a good amount of standard equipment. There are two luggage racks, a seat for two occupants, heated handles, mirrors, a protective plate under the vehicle, very powerful LED lights and of course, a 120V 15 amp outlet for easy charging anywhere. 

As standard, it is equipped with a 7-inch screen that serves as the instrumentation to show all the information while driving as well as for the status of the electric motor. As a bonus, the designers chose to integrate software to take the driving experience up a notch. We strongly suggest that you visit their website (link to https://theron-ev.com/ ) to learn more about the many functions offered by this software. You can have a lot of fun with it.

We know that people like to customize their vehicle according to their needs. Theron has understood this by offering several accessories that are readily available. Here are a few examples:

  • High power connection for fast charging
  • Rear seat back for passenger comfort
  • Windshield
  • Heated seat
  • Winch
  • Snow scraper
  • And much more!

Driving Impressions

The first thing you notice is when you sit on the vehicle and “start” it, you push a button and put the vehicle in forward gear to allow it to move, like a regular ATV. You press the ”throttle” and it’s totally different because there is no sound. All you hear is a soft electric noise of the motor and the, of course, the sounds of the trail as you ride. These slight noises are practically non-existent. Theron’s engineers chose a belt for the final drive in order to keep the ride quiet, unlike their chain-driven prototype. 

It’s a completely different driving experience that you feel from the very first kilometers. We are at one with nature and the environment around us. You have to try it to understand that the driving atmosphere is really different.You hear the wind and the sound of the tires on the ground – that’s it. Even though I am a fan of the intoxicating sound of combustion engines, I have to say that I really loved the quiet ride. 

When you ride the machine, you quickly realize that the REEVER is very agile and has excellent handling. It is obvious that the ELKA shock absorbers, specially calibrated for this vehicle, contribute to the precise control as well as to the overall comfort. As you ride through the curves, you notice that the vehicle has a rather sporty character. Its size, low center of gravity and rigid rear axle contribute to this general agility. Thus, we can easily enter the corners and we are allowed to slide the rear end with the instantaneous power of the electric motor. It’s serious fun.

Speaking of power, we rode the unit with a a 52kW motor (equivalent to 70 horsepower) and 2 wheel drive. We can say that this model is well positioned compared to the models of other manufacturers with combustion engines. The advantage of the electric motor is that there is no longer a delay in reaching a certain power range depending on the engine speed as required by internal combustion models. Power and torque galore with instant response.No curve, no build – just bam! Instant 70 hp.

During the test ride, we were also able to observe the versatility of the REEVER. It is obvious that the 4-wheel drive version will be preferred if you want to make your vehicle work and get maximum traction. To obtain 4-wheel drive, two electric motors are added for each of the front wheels. The result is technically an all-wheel drive version. With this one, you get an impressive towing capacity of up to 1500 lbs. That’s more than anything else on the current quad market. As an added bonus, the team told us that they are developing a trailer that will increase traction while also increasing the vehicle’s range. This is very promising.  

Photo caption: Bastien Théron and Philippe Lafontaine, two founding members of the company.

What does the company have in store for us in the coming months? 

Theron has certainly not finished surprising us and the future looks very busy for the next few months. First of all, we have been informed that pre-orders are going well, while still having units available. In addition, prototypes of the REEVER have been delivered to strategic customers to identify optimization opportunities. They are taking this very seriously, and it can only get better. 

Although the company has recently offered its first version of the REEVER, the manufacturer told us that a new version is already being designed and that there is still a lot to come. This new concept is based on feedback received from future buyers and from people who are currently testing the prototypes. We can’t wait to hear more.   

Theron REEVER – Test

This first test of the REEVER model allowed us to discover a surprisingly different riding experience. Quiet ride, renewable energy and local manufacturing are the “foundations” for their success. Theron is a young and dynamic company with the will to do things differently. Driven by a desire to make motorsports greener and to innovate on many levels, this company brings a breath of fresh air to a market dominated by large manufacturers who are not quite ready to introduce 100% electric product lines. An important revolution is taking place with the electrification of motorsports and Theron Sport is undeniably one of the players in this movement that is operating at high speed. 

If you would like more information on Theron’s products, we invite you to follow them on social networks and to visit their website (include link to Theron’s website). Maybe you’d like to pre-order one!