Rugged Radios RM50-MB Multi-Band


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Rugged Radios RM50-MB Multi-Band Radio merges VHF, UHF, CB, HAM, AM, and FM all into one unit for the ultimate, versatile communication system! Now, you can have CB for your road trips, VHF for off-road friends, UHF for short course, HAM for intense radio enthusiasts, and even AM/FM for a little downtime radio listening. Whether you’re trail riding in the Sierras or exploring the Mojave Desert, this radio is perfect for any adventure!

Installation made simple, the remote head unit of the RM50-MB can be installed in virtually any vehicle even where space is limited. Simply mount the radio box out of sight, perhaps under a seat, and install the compact remote head in a convenient location on the dash using the supplied 16ft extension cable.

Powerful output up to 50 watts depending on frequency band used, the RM50-MB is an ideal choice for communications up to 30 miles (depending upon terrain). An easy to read display also allows you to monitor 2 channels at the same time. This means you can stay in contact with friends using CB or VHF, all while using one single radio. Additional features include a programmable hand mic for “on the fly” channel changes and the ability to save presets. A loud speaker as well as a 3.5mm speaker output port completes the radio package.


• Merges CB, VHF, UHF and HAM
• Easy to mount remote head
• All 40 CB channels available
• 800 programmable channels total
• 3.5mm jack for external audio
• Listen to AM & FM broadcasts
• Low 8.5 amp draw

With CB, VHF, UHF, HAM, AM & FM frequency bands all available at your fingertips, Rugged Radios’ new RM50-MB Multi-Band Radio is going to keep you connected whether you’re driving through the middle of town or the middle of nowhere.