Quad and Fishing Adventure at the Lac Blanc Outfitter


Table des matières

As long as I live, I will take every available opportunity to enjoy nature and its benefits. Like it or not, we experience everyday hassles that need to be put aside during activities that take us out of our routine.

Our magazine has undertaken a tradition for several years, which consists of carrying out an annual Quad / Fishing adventure among the team members. What a great way to practice such fascinating activities while working. Reading these lines, I’m sure many of you would like to do the same. Indeed, we are aware of the privileges that we enjoy, thanks to our profession.

Year after year, our team is constantly growing by individuals endowed with an undeniable talent and united by a shared passion. The latest addition is the famous actor / host Rémi-Pierre Paquin. He is recognized for his enthusiasm for all kinds of motorized vehicles as well as outdoor recreational activities. Born in the Mauricie region in Québec, he proposed the destination for our 2021 Quad / Fishing adventure: La Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc outfitter. We responded to his suggestion straight away because this location, known to most of us, enjoys a reputation that goes well beyond our borders.

The Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc is a resort center straddling the tourist regions of Lanaudière and Mauricie. It is located only 1 hour from Montreal and about 1h30 from Quebec City. It offers a multitude of outdoor activities all year round, regardless of the season. Several accommodation packages are available, ranging from rooms in spacious inns to luxurious chalets with many amenities, not to mention the indoor aquatic center a few steps from the inn. It has a huge heated swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, and a gym equipped with all kinds of fitness equipment.

For the more daring among you, helicopter flights over the outfitter are available by reservation, thanks to one of the friendly owners who happens to be a chopper pilot. These moments offer an aerial view of the imposing property and its 12 lakes.

The inn offers a dining room with dishes of exceptional quality that would make even the most famous restaurants green with envy. They strive to showcase local products and the fish species that you can catch on the outfitter. The menu is extensive, and to be honest, it may be challenging to make a selection. I suggest you try the Smoked Trout Club Sandwich; it was a unanimous revelation among our group. When the weather allows it, an outdoor terrace is also available both for mealtime or to enjoy a drink in perfect harmony with nature.

The twelve 5-star chalets are equipped with all the amenities if you want to prepare your meals. The kitchen is well equipped, and you only have to bring your food. These chalets offer an incredible view of Lac Blanc. They can accommodate up to 12 people in the four bedrooms divided over the two floors. The bedrooms on the upper floor have their own private bathroom for greater privacy.

We chose the latter option for its convenience because we could park our vehicles, trailers, ATVs, and SSVs nearby. The living room allowed us to meet people near the fireplace, with friendly discussions and great fits of laughter that will remain etched in our memories. 

We planned to meet right on the spot: the outfitter is located at the central point of our living places. As soon as we arrived, we established the calendar of our activities, and we had the VIP privilege of being accompanied by George, one of the owners. Nothing better than someone who knows the place like the back of his hand to make us discover the attractions of his property. The first day was perfect for a ride with the quads vehicles we had brought for the occasion. One of the points of interest on the outfitter is, without a doubt, the Belvédère, which offered us an elevated view over a valley that dazzled us with its beauty. The path allowed us to ride on a portion of the Quad Mauricie ATV club. The trails were perfect, and the only downside was the dust caused by the lack of rain during spring 2021. The face of our friend Rémi-Pierre was showing this fact!

A good shower quickly cleaned our dusty faces to give way to reddened skin by the blazing afternoon sun. We were at the time of the year when the Montreal Canadiens played against the Toronto Maple Leaf in the first round of the playoffs. Following our request, the inn management kindly provided us with a reserved space to watch the game during the dinner. The next day we were to go fishing for trout at dawn with our host.

The sleeping hours were short because we agreed to be present at six o’clock for a morning fishing on one of the stocked water bodies of the outfitter. Georges provided his recommendations for successful fishing. That was the case, and we heard ” Fish on ” from our companions distributed in the three boats at our disposal. The trout we caught were impressively mature, and we estimate the weight of the day’s biggest catch at around 6 1/2 pounds. We quickly reached our fish quota, and this moment on the water was relaxing despite the exhilaration caused by our extraordinary catches. As soon as we got back to dry land, our host made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. He offered to prepare a “Shore Lunch” in a more rustic portion of his property.

However, we were far from being on time for this time of the day. To fill this interlude, we decided to take advantage of an activity that aroused a lot of interest. Whether you are experienced or not, a portion of the property is set up for clay pigeon shooting. That was a good time for betting on who will hit those moving targets with the highest cumulative. I have to be honest, Mario was the best sniper by far. We must have bowed down to so much skill in handling the firearm.

After this demonstration, we met Georges near the inn, and he guided us aboard our ATVs and SSVs to the location planned for dinner. We were at a loss for words because we were surprised by the facilities designed to create a customer experience at the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc. This year, a novelty will indeed generate a lot of interest in the years to come: a portion of land is fitted out in nature with a hut which will develop with several others as the craze grows. It is in this environment that we tasted the dishes prepared by our host.

We were back on the quad trails for a few hours in the afternoon, as we had reserved a pontoon to navigate on the majestic Lac Blanc. This moment on the water whetted our appetite for a great dinner at the inn.

These moments in the open air during the whole day quickly transported us in Morpheus’s arms as soon as the twilight set up for the night. The next day, I must admit we were less early in the morning than the day before, and we enjoyed our coffee a bit longer. We have reserved boats for another fishing time on another lake. Our quota of 10 trout was reached within hours. When we take the time to savor the present moment, what strikes us is the calm that overwhelms us when we let ourselves be rocked by the waves. The well-being felt is almost indescribable, and you have to live it to fully grasp this feeling of relaxation.

The warm welcome from the owners and the people who work there dazzled us. They all have a smile on their face, and they give the impression of loving their work. I guess that what happens when you have the blessing to work in such an environment. Peace and quiet are contagious at the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc, and we have witnessed it.

When we left, we agreed that we should reserve another stay at the Pourvoirie soon, but rather with our respective families this time. We will make it our duty to share this little treasure with our loved ones despite our mutual friendly affection. Therefore, it is not a Goodbye, but rather a See you next time!