Mini-Booster from Boostr



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At a time when everything is miniaturized, some devices are increasingly portable and efficient. The clearest example is the evolution of the cell phone over the years.

Many everyday devices are so useful that it’s almost impossible to avoid them. This is also the case when we go on some rides: We begin by taking an inventory of various safety and breakdown items to be ready for anything that may come up. Of all of them, one accessory definitely has to be at the top of this list: a multifunctional mini-booster.

In the past, boosters were difficult to store because of their size, and they were very heavy. They were certainly convenient, but not exactly suited to the reality quad riders face. With the space on on off-road vehicles limited, this kind of device has to be practical, but also easy to handle.


There are currently some mini-booster models made by Boostr that are available on the market. Our everyday lives consist of moments of stress and worry. This accessory eliminates a lot of the worry thanks to its numerous practical features. The Boostr is lightweight and easy to carry in a bag, a windbreaker pocket, or in the trunk of a recreational vehicle.

We’ve all had our vehicle battery die at one point or another. It’s inconvenient to say the least, but when it happens, it increases our heart rate if we don’t have booster cables handy. However, this mini-booster is an alternative and is equipped with clamps that attach to the battery terminals to boost it in order to finish the trail ride already in progress.

The Boostr is also equipped with USB-type ports. They can be used to recharge a cell phone, tablet, or any current navigational aid. This practical feature is a definite advantage during excursions on distant terrain.

A highly-effective LED lamp with different intensities is also part of this multifunctional charger. During night rides, even the most fearful will feel reassured when the need arises.


The Boostr comes in a hard aluminum case that makes it look light and sophisticated. It’s covered by a 2-year warranty and offers the assurance of being the ultimate accessory to handle a breakdown. The Boostr comes in two models with some different features:

Boostr Premium:
– 8,000 mAh power
– Recharge a cell phone up to 5 times
– Boost a gas or a diesel engine with a maximum of 4,000 cc (4.0 litres) up to 15 times
– Retail price: $169.99

Boostr Platinum:
– 18,000 mAh of power
– Recharge a cell phone up to 10 times
– Boost any gas or diesel engine up to 30 times
– Retail price: $279.99

Whether you need to boost a vehicle equipped with a 12V electrical system, recharge a USB device, or provide a constant power supply to one of these, the Boostr is the essential accessory for people who plan ahead. Light and compact, this device is the one friend to bring along with you on any occasion. For more information, visit for an overview of their range of products. Distributed by Kimpex, the Boostr is available at your favourite dealer.