Hit The Trail With Camp Chef

Hit The Trail With Camp Chef


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Leave the roads behind, load up the UTV and go find the wild places others only imagine. The world is much more simple when it’s just trees and trails, dirt and water. Sure, you could maybe get there in your truck, but UTVs are a better way to enjoy the expanse that is the great outdoors.

Stopping along the trail for lunch is a treat. It used to be that you’d build a fire, find a stick and try not to burn a hot dog. Now, much like how the UTV has opened up the outside world, Camp Chef has made a better way to cook in the great outdoors.

A camp stove is the perfect complement for an exploration-minded UTV driver. Camp Chef completely redesigned the Pro Series stoves, the highest performing and most user-friendly stoves in their category. They created a new folding leg design that increases stability, while adding to the compact-ability of the stove, making it perfect for stowing in the cargo area of your UTV on a backcountry expedition, or a casual trail ride.

When you’re out on the trail, you want to spend time relaxing, not waiting on the campfire to stay lit, and then burn down to usable coals. It doesn’t take long to get cooking on Camp Chef’s new Pro Series stoves. Thanks to a built-in ignition system, the days of fumbling around trying to find a match are over. And forget about waiting for things to heat up. The Pro Series have 30,000 BTU burners with adjustable control knobs. You can go from a low simmer to full boil faster than a speeding Maverick.

The key thing to the Pro Series Camp Stoves from Camp Chef, either the Pro 90X or the Pro 60X, is the versatility. Need to heat up a pan to fry some fish for lunch? No sweat! Boil water for macaroni and cheese for the kids? Easy peasy. Brew up a much-needed pot of coffee? Done. Bake a pizza? What? Oh yeah, a Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven is all you need. Grill up some steaks? A BBQ Grill Box will fix you right up. Grab a griddle and make a stack of pancakes on the trail, or set up the Dutch oven for something special.

Hot stuff
The Camp Chef Pro 90X has three 30,000 BTU burners, giving you the enough cooking surface area to make up a mess of food for everyone on the ride. The bigger size lets you run multiple 16-inch accessories at the same time. You can run a pizza oven on one side with a griddle on the other so you can whip up burgers for the crew and a large pepperoni for the kids.

Don’t need a stove that big? The two-burner Pro 60X offers up a more-compact size, while still retaining the versatility and quality you’d expect. With a 14-inch cooking surface, you can mix and match the right 14-inch accessories to make your meals perfect.

Both stoves have a three-sided windscreen that protects the burners from gusting winds and trailside dust. The design of the burner housing limits cold spots, essential for even cooking. Leg levelers help you get the stove on an even keel, even when you’re out in uneven terrain. Folding side shelves give you extra surface to work on. The legs fold up compactly, making it easy to stow the stove when it’s time to get back on the trail.

The original Camp Chef Pro 90 has been the standard for camp stoves for 25 years. Now the new Pro 90X and the smaller Pro 60X have taken that durability and made it more transportable than ever, opening new culinary possibilities for the adventurer. The Pro 90X has 608 square inches of total cooking area with a 16-inch by 38-inch cooking grate. It weighs just 59.5 pounds. The Pro 60X has a smaller 14-inch by 32-inch cooking grate with 448-square inches of cooking surface. It weighs in at a mere 48.5 pounds. Both stoves fold down flat and have a sturdy steel carry handle for easy transport. Set up they have a 32-inch height.

Today’s modern UTVs sport features that make them more fun than ever to hit the trail with. Make your trailside meals more fun and exciting as well with a new Pro Series Camp Stove from the experts at Camp Chef. It is truly a better way to cook outdoors.