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Heat Demon Product Line Additions, Symtec Inc. first began developing heated products for the powersports industry in 1989 with a thumb warmer. This product revolutionized year-round riding. Soon a complete line of heated accessories for ATVs, snowmobiles and motorcycles under their Heat Demon™ brand, in addition to a full range of OEM and private labeled heated products under other brand names, were enabling riders to get more riding time in never before experienced comfort.

Since its acquisition in 2010 by The Harlan Company, they’ve updated their branding, completely refreshing all aspects of the Heat Demon aftermarket brand and also simplified their product line, to make choosing the correct heat application easier and to provide consistent performance.

This year, Heat Demon has three huge announcements regarding their latest product updates. A heated steering wheel with patent-pending Rotational Power Device (RPD) technology, their ATV Heated Grip and Thumb Warmer kits receiving a huge upgrade and all applications of Heat Demon Seat Heaters have been updated with a safety cut-off feature.

Heat Demon will begin a full-scale entry into the UTV market with the first ever; heated steering wheel! After a year in development, the new heated steering wheel, with patent-pending Rotational Power Device (RPD) technology is ready for this next cold season. Heat Demon combined a high performance steering wheel with their proven heating technology into an easy, plug-and-play kit. The Heat Demon Heated UTV Steering Wheel will retail at $379.99 (US dollars).

Their ATV Heated Grip and Thumb Warmer kits are receiving a huge upgrade due to a new partnership with ODI Grips. Heat Demon is launching a Clamp-On heated grip in September, which will replace both their POCO (Push On Cut Off) and Glue-On grips. The new grips are easier to install due to the new plug-and-play capabilities, offer updated styling, and will be launched at the same retail prices as the existing kits. Any ATV kit orders received from today forward will utilize the new Clamp-On grip.

Finally, all applications of Heat Demon Seat Heaters have been updated with a safety cut-off feature. The new heaters will automatically shut off when they hit the proper temperature. This eliminates concerns with overheating if the heater is run during warmer weather.