Essential accessories in our ATV cases



Table des matières

Admittedly, we often wonder what to have inside our trunks.  Here’s what we think is useful and practical to take with you.  

The hardest thing is to organize our trunk, without necessarily putting too much in it. The important thing is to balance out the tools you’ll need, i.e. the most versatile ones. 


In general, there are around four to five different sizes of bolts and hexagons, in both metric and imperial. Once you’ve chosen the sizes you want to use on your machine, you make yourself a pair of each. This way, you won’t have to bring a complete set, and your toolbox won’t get too big. A wrench and a vise-grip will also be very useful to have on hand. Keep in mind that these tools will be useful for minor repairs when needed. 

In addition to the above-mentioned tools, accessories not to be overlooked include an air compressor and a repair kit with puncture wicks. A booster is also essential. Modern quads no longer come with a starter rope, which will be invaluable if the battery goes flat.


You’ll also need a spare drive belt in case of a breakage on the trail. Tye-wrap quick-releases, adhesive tape and a small roll of spit will also come in handy.

When the going gets tough

When you can’t repair your quad on the trail with on-board tools, you’ll have to get it out of the woods. That’s why you’ll need a strong enough rope to be able to tow you in the event of a major breakdown. A first-aid kit should also be part of your essentials. As for clothing, you’ll need a raincoat to protect you in the event of an unexpected storm. What’s more, a small airtight bag with socks, a warm vest and a change of clothes is a good idea. 

A small pocket chainsaw or axe will come in very handy.

Also, a multi-purpose knife, a pair of gloves and a folding military-style shovel will come in handy if you get stuck. We’re talking here about “must-have” items, but don’t forget the gas can, which is also a must-have. However, this should be placed outside the trunk because of the smell of gasoline.

Trunk storage

Once the objects and tools have been placed in our trunks, it’s important to keep everything in order. There’s never enough space in the trunk, which is why it’s so important to keep everything neat and tidy. Our advice is to take advantage of a small nylon box or bag to store all your tools together. After that, it will be easier to store everything neatly in your main box. This way, everything is immediately accessible at a glance. Don’t forget

 This way, everything is immediately accessible at a glance. Don’t forget that the space available in your trunk is already limited, which is why it’s so important to keep everything well organized. Every quad has a small box built right into the machine, which you can use to store your small compressor, for example.        


In conclusion : 

The aim of this article is to give you advice based on our trail experience, so that you can choose what we think is right for you. You need to be able to concoct something useful for yourself to be able to help yourself out. We probably didn’t mention a tool or other accessory that’s important to you on this list, so just add it. The expression “too much is like not enough” comes into its own here. Be creative without going overboard.

Enjoy the ride!

Photos: Louis Gagnon