CTR Cooling Vest From EVS

CTR cooling vest from EVS


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EVS, a Company that has focused on keeping riders in one piece since 1985, says it is committed to educating the general public about always riding safe. Adventurers and racers alike need to take the issue of managing their core body temperature very seriously, especially during the summer months when extreme heat can quickly become a serious threat.

To help deal with this issue in a preventive fashion, EVS recently released their all new CTR (Core Temperature Regulator) cooling vest. The CTR is a product specifically designed to reduce core temperature and may very well help prevent heat related tragedies. Constructed of strategically placed thin layers of “Super Absorbent Polymer”, the Core Temperature Regulator helps prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion, while allowing optimum strength and performance during intense trail riding or racing. Simply saturate the garment with water and the polymer will retain it and slowly disperse it to keep you cool. Strategic sections will keep your core temperature down longer. EVS was founded company that started out with the AMX-5 knee brace, which has been worn by some of the world’s most prestigious athletes.

EVS products are available here in Canada through Parts Canada, Motovan and Gamma.