Commander’s Track Kit WS4 L-Ratio

Commander’s Track Kit WS4 L-Ratio


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Drummondville, QC, January, 2018 – Last year, Commander introduced the WS4 L-Ratio, a track system allowing for greater power. Whether for hauling cordwood in the fall, maintaining roads or harvesting syrup from maple trees in the spring, the WS4-L-Ratio tracks are perfect for those who see their ATV more as an efficient working tool.

Small engines for the biggest jobs

WS4 L-Ratio tracks include a small diameter sprocket (13 in.) which helps to provide more traction to the track. This claim can be checked using the moment of force calculation.

Compared to a standard 15” sprocket will see 15% more force transferred to the track with the WS4 L-Ratio, but nearly 50% more force transferred if compared to a 25” tire. Consequently, when equipped with the WS4 L-Ratio, even a small ATV engine will be able to take on heavy-duty jobs.

Commander top quality: Agility, control and power

Consistent with Commander’s innovative line of products, the WS4-L-Ratio represents the best track kit available on the market in terms of floatation, design and performance.

In addition to providing more power to the track just like the WS4 from which they evolved, WS4 L-Ratio tracks offer more traction than the competition while requiring less steering effort. They are the lightest in the industry and have the highest ground clearance.

Commander’s Track Kit WS4 L-Ratio

Pave the way to more efficient work!

Whether in snow or mud, using a revolutionary system with no slides (patent pending), WS4 L-Ratio tracks let you venture where tires are no longer effective. These truly “all-season tracks” will help you push the limits and optimize the working time.

Off the beaten trails, WS4 L-Ratio tracks are put to work with strength and efficiency.

WS4 L-Ratio: Real brute force at your service!

– 4 seasons Commander WS4 L-Ratio ATV Track kit #397000 : starting at $3174.99

Also available : conversion kit to transform WS4 tracks into WS4 L-Ratio:

– Commander WS4 L-Ratio Track Sprocket kit #397020 : $379.99

About Commander
Established in 2005, the Commander brand is continually pushing boundaries after more than a decade of experience in the design and production of track sets for ATVs and UTVs. With their ever more innovative products, Commander stands out in the market today with the best tracks for flotation, design and performance. The Commander brand is owned and distributed exclusively by Kimpex.