CKX Titan Helmet First Look

CKX Titan Helmet First Look


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The CKX TITAN helmet is a unique concept, a total break with the traditional helmet designs in the snowmobile industry. This new type of modular helmet integrates all the cleverness of modern technologies, intended for backcountry and trail riding, creating a new industry trend based on look, innovation and performance. Choose from 2 possible configurations: an insulated and a ventilated. The TITAN helmet in ventilated mode is especially made for deep snow, freedom, challenges, wide fields and adrenaline enthusiasts. The insulated setup of the TITAN helmet is especially made for those who love riding trails and want to go further to find unforgettable sceneries.

The 210° goggles and the Titan helmet design combine perfectly to ensure a perfect seal when the removable muzzle is in place. In addition, the unique design of the goggles and helmet provide an unrivalled 210° field of view. This is a first for a helmet in this category. Goggle comfort is provided by a customized foam specially fitted to the helmet, ensuring an excellent seal. The goggles can be perfectly adjusted using two semi-flexible fastening devices. The goggles oversized nose guard provides superior protection to the snowmobiler’s cheeks and nose. Moreover, the breath guard is made from flexible polyurethane material to perfectly fit on the nose guard for a maximum seal.

The Titan is also the first snowmobile backcountry helmet with an adjustable front ventilation port. Four more independent venting ports on top of the helmet will suit every situation and every rider. At all times, the rider controls the Titan’s inside temperature.

CKX is offering you the most versatile helmet. Whether you sled on trails or backcountry, on a snowmobile, a snowcross or looking for an amazing ATV winter helmet, KIMPEX has you covered with the amazing CKX Titan.

About the Titan Helmet:

  • Superior field of view with the 210° goggles
  • Removable muzzle to free the rider
  • Adjustable front vent
  • Removable GoPro camera mount
  • Fiberglass composite constructed shell
  • Weight: 1350 ± 50g
  • ProClip quick release mechanism
  • ECE 22.05 certified

About the 210° Goggles:

  • Flexible polyurethane frame
  • Top and bottom ventilation port within the frame
  • Anti-scratch lens
  • Anti-fog double lens
  • 100% UV protected lens
  • Additional foam barrier against the wind
  • Adapted for prescription glasses
  • Removable nose guard
  • RapidClip strap
  • *Only the 210? goggles can be worn with Titan off-road modular helmet, winter
  • Several patents pending

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