Apache Backcountry Tracks from BRP Review


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Are you one to venture off the beaten path? Do you use your side-by-side vehicle or Can-Am ATV to work on the farm or at the stables?

What follows could be of great interest to you

Although Can-Am off-road vehicles manage in the snow, they are not vehicles designed for deep snow conditions. The BRP Apache Backcountry Tracking System changes this perception.

Specifically designed for the winter season, the tracks allow Can-Am ATV or side-by-side vehicle owners to use their vehicle without compromise during the winter season. It is important to mention that they have been developed for off-road use, and the overall width of the vehicle may become too wide for some trail use.

Apache Backcountry Tracks from BRP Review

To test them out, Can-Am invited us to the Lac Moreau Outfitter located about 65 kilometers north of Saint-Urbain in the beautiful region of Charlevoix, Quebec. This is a beautiful place in a mountainous area with playgrounds very suitable for our test cars. And it must be mentioned that in 2019, the region was pampered on snowfall. The outfitter offers unforgettable trips in nature, ATV riding, snowmobiling, wildlife watching, fishing, hunting, without forgetting the gastronomy adapted to each season, a true delight!


Tracks are designed to provide the best floatation and traction in deep snow. Can-Am reports a 23% increase in contact area compared to the four-season Apache 360 LT model. Apache Backcountry tracks increase ground clearance by 7 in (18 cm) which greatly reduces the risk of being bogged down. The tracks are equipped with two-inch lugs to ensure good traction.

Apache Backcountry Tracks from BRP Review

Our tests

Do I need to tell you that the first few seconds at the wheel of a Maverick X3 turbo X DS with 172hp in a 64-inch version equipped with this kit of tracks are rather impressive? The first kilometers traveled were rather relaxed, until we arrived at a very steep slope where we were, Mario and I, the first to climb. I looked at my co-pilot and ask him if he was ready. His instant answer was – We’ll never get there. Well, it was at this specific place that the first prejudices about the capacity of these tracks disappeared. It happened at the top of the slope that we found the huge potential of those tracks in the deep snow. It should also be mentioned that the power of the X3 is a very interesting asset in situations like this, but not an obligation, because for our test day we also had at our disposal an Outlander 850 and an Outlander max 1000, which both managed the ascent.

To increase our emotions a notch, we were offered the ultimate racing car, a Maverick X3 X RS version at 72-inches wide. What a beast! This was a pure dose of adrenaline, with a sense of disconcerting stability. I felt like a kid with his brand new toy, with a smile split to the ears.

Apache Backcountry Tracks from BRP Review

All of the side by side vehicles were equipped with cabins for the occasion, most with windshield wipers, which are essential for vision, because believe me when you hit the gas, it is stormy as they say. In a straight line, the forward vision remains smooth and clear. On the other hand, while cornering you have to use the windshield wipers because you immediately end up in a snow haze in the windshield.

One of the test vehicles, the Maverick Sport, was equipped with a cabin heating system, a very interesting option, which increases the comfort.

If your intention is to equip your UTV with Apache Backcountry tracks and a closed cab, I highly recommend the windshield wiper combined with the heating system, as the appearance of steam mist inside the cab quickly becomes a barrier to vision, and we had to regularly ventilate the interior of the cabin.

Apache Backcountry Tracks from BRP Review

Now let’s talk about ATV. I had the opportunity to go on a private tour with a member of the Can-Am team and an Outlander 850 equipped with Apache Backcountry tracks. I must confess, I was confused. Yes, it offers the ability to go everywhere. But without doubt, the fun factor reaches its maximum. Unlike side-by-side vehicles, you never lose your vision because of the gust of snow, which adds a good sense of control. The power steering still does a good job, as you feel resistance to idling, but this feeling goes away as soon as you hit the gas. Despite the size of the tracks, the 850 did not lack power, and everywhere the Maverick X3 climbed, the 850 followed.

Without a doubt, the Apache Backcountry tracks will allow you to use your Can-Am vehicle during the winter season with unparalleled guaranteed fun, whether for work or leisure.
For more information visit the Can-Am website at www.brp.ca