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Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., an innovator in the off-road vehicle industry, is proud to announce the debut of its latest creation – an all-new groundbreaking side x side that changes everything, the Kawasaki RIDGE® side x side. Designed to elevate the off-road experience for powersports enthusiasts and property owners alike. The Kawasaki RIDGE is engineered with premium components and luxurious cab

features, promising unparalleled comfort and versatility for riders navigating the trails, as well as those undertaking essential tasks on their properties. 


  • Kawasaki-Built 999cc Liquid-Cooled, 4-Stroke In-Line Four Cylinder Engine
  • Roomy Interior with Premium Comfort
  • Full Cab with HVAC (HVAC & Limited models)
  • Long-Travel Double Wishbone Suspension and High Ground Clearance
  • 27-Inch Tires with 14-Inch Aluminum Wheels 
  • All-LED Exterior Lighting
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
  • Power Mode Selection
  • On the Fly Electrically Selectable 4WD & Rear Differential Lock
  • Chassis Designed for Comfort
  • 1000-lbs Capacity Tilting Cargo Bed 
  • 7-inch Full-color TFT Instrumentation
  • 8-inch Garmin Tread (Limited model)
  • Adjustable driver seat
  • Automotive-Inspired Fit & Finish Exterior and Interior
  • Smartphone Connectivity via RIDEOLOGY THE APP POWERSPORTS
  • Kawasaki STRONG Three-Year Limited Warranty


In the realm of powersports engineering, the heartbeat of a vehicle is often found within its engine. Kawasaki, a name synonymous with innovation and performance, has once again raised the bar with its liquid-cooled, 4-stroke in-line four-cylinder engine—a technological marvel that seamlessly combines power, precision, and comfort.

At the core of this engineering masterpiece is a 999cc DOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder configuration that boasts a bore and stroke of 73.4 x 59.0mm. This setup translates to an output of 92 hp, 65.6 ft lbs of torque, delivering impressive power and torque across a broad spectrum of applications, from demanding work scenarios to exhilarating recreational pursuits.

What sets this engine apart is its ability to provide a silky-smooth power delivery with an exceptionally linear response. The accelerator pedal becomes a conduit to a controlled and comfortable ride, offering drivers a satisfying power feeling without sacrificing efficiency.

The distinct exhaust note of the in-line four-cylinder engine is not only a testament to its power but also a symphony of engineering precision. Remarkably quiet, it allows for uninterrupted conversations within the cab emphasizing a commitment to rider experience. The engine’s rubber-mounted design reduces vibrations contributing to a comfortable ride, even in the most demanding of conditions.

The engine is complemented by a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that facilitates smooth responses. The engineers at Kawasaki went the extra mile to simulate the characteristics of a CVT and centrifugal clutch combination, providing an unparalleled driving experience, especially at low speeds and during precise driving.

In essence, the Kawasaki-built in-line four-cylinder engine is more than just a powerhouse: it’s a testament to the marriage of cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design. With a commitment to delivering unparalleled performance and rider comfort, Kawasaki continues to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in the world of powersports.


The Kawasaki RIDGE offers the freedom to tailor your vehicle’s performance to your preference and your driving conditions. With the choice of three distinctive modes – Work, Normal, and Sport – our system puts you in control like never before.

WORK MODE: Designed for utility and precision, this mode provides a milder response that is perfect for tasks requiring a smooth and constant pace. Whether you’re carrying a load or navigating uneven surfaces, the programmed response minimizes the likelihood of sudden changes in vehicle speed or engine rpm.

SPORT MODE: For those moments when you crave an exhilarating driving experience, look no further than Sport mode. Immerse yourself in the thrill of sharper, more linear throttle response that establishes a direct connection between the gas pedal and the engine. 

NORMAL MODE: When versatility is key, Normal mode steps into the spotlight. Striking a perfect balance between the utility of Work mode and the spirited performance of Sport mode, Normal mode offers a smooth engine response right from the moment the throttle is opened. It is the go-to setting for everyday driving, providing an enjoyable and responsive experience without compromising efficiency.

Normal mode seamlessly adapts to various driving scenarios, offering a harmonious blend of power and control. 


The electrically selectable 4WD and rear differential lock provide the ultimate flexibility in drive systems, allowing you to effortlessly transition between different modes to meet the demands of ever-changing terrain.

In two-wheel drive mode, experience light and responsive steering, as well as fuel efficiency and ease of maneuverability. 4WD Mode provides enhanced traction that minimizes ground disturbance. Feel the confidence as your vehicle navigates through gravel, dirt, or uneven surfaces, ensuring stability and control.

If you need to elevate your off-road capabilities, 4WD + Differential Lock mode engages both 4WD and the rear differential lock. This combination delivers maximum traction, ensuring you conquer the terrain with confidence. Navigate through mud, snow, or rocky landscapes with confidence, knowing your vehicle is optimized for peak performance.


The nearly 13-gallon fuel tank provides a generous range between fill-ups, minimizing interruptions during tasks or allowing extended adventures on the trail. Positioned well away from the wheels, the fuel tank is shielded from potential impacts by flying debris, further enhanced by a protective steel guard.

Routine maintenance is achieved with easily located oil and air filter locations; the oil filter is easily accessed by removing the fender panel forward of the rear wheel. The air filter on the RIDGE is located under the seat and can be accessed by lifting the passenger seat. 


The RIDGE frame boasts a ladder-type construction, crafted from high-quality steel square tubes, ensuring a robust foundation. This design imparts highly predictable chassis performance and exceptional durability to the vehicle. High-strength material is strategically employed in high-load areas, such as the suspension mounting plates, reinforcing critical components.

Achieving an optimal balance between lateral and torsional stiffness, the frame not only provides durability but also allows just the right amount of chassis flex. This flexibility is crucial for handling the shocks encountered during off-highway riding, providing a superior level of ride comfort.

Utilizing rubber for three of the engine mounts and carefully tuning the CVT settings effectively minimized unwanted vibration, leaving behind only the pleasing note of the engine.

Even while in motion, the vehicle offers a serene and calm interior, thanks to its low noise and low vibration features. This translates to a quiet composure inside the cab, enhancing the overall driving experience.

The wide track significantly contributes to the vehicle’s stability with a width of 64-inches. The highly composed chassis platform is further complemented by front and rear independent suspension, adding an extra layer of ride comfort for occupants.

The RIDGE has a high ground clearance of 14-inches (13.6-inches on Limited and Ranch models) at max preload and enhances accessibility during work or recreational activities while ensuring a superb ride comfort by reducing the likelihood of scraping its bottom. This feature is particularly beneficial in navigating varied terrains.

The RIDGE employs a double-wishbone suspension system both at the front and rear, allowing each wheel to navigate obstacles with minimal impact on the chassis. The shock absorbers, featuring single-rate springs on the front and dual-rate springs on the rear, complement the chassis’ balanced flexibility, delivering excellent bump absorption and rough road performance. This ground-hugging suspension excels at following the terrain, ensuring a smooth ride within the cab.

To enhance ride comfort, the suspension settings are designed to minimize chassis roll speed, providing a more composed experience for passengers. The long wheel travel of 12.7-inches front and rear contributes to high ground clearance and optimal ride comfort.

The rear shock absorbers are mounted to the lower A-arms enabling a long shock stroke while maintaining a cargo bed height conducive to easy loading. Both front and rear shock absorbers offer 5-way adjustable preload. 

The cargo bed, measuring 35 x 49 x 12.8-inches with a load capacity of 1,000 lbs. is designed for substantial loads. Its flat design facilitates loading from three sides, and in models without a full cab, the cargo bed can be accessed from the cab. Four built-in hooks provide convenient tie-down points. Additionally, the RIDGE boasts a towing capacity of 2,000 lbs. and a standard 2-inch tow hitch receiver is compatible with a variety of accessory hitches. 


The RIDGE boasts a premium exterior design to match its rugged, sporty styling, featuring painted fenders and all-LED lighting. The front headlights (48.6 W / 22.2 W) with line-type LED position lamps create a fierce expression, complemented by a large aluminum Kawasaki emblem on the front grille and a solid-looking steel front bumper. On the RIDGE® Limited, a painted rear bumper adds to the tough appearance from the rear. Painted fenders contribute to the car-quality fit and finish.

The roomy cab in the RIDGE accommodates three people comfortably, offering contoured seating for the driver and right-side passenger. Ample legroom for all is complemented by a lever-adjustable driver’s seat and tilt steering, allowing the driver to fine-tune their position for control and comfort. EPS (Electric Power Steering) is standard, and sliding behind the wheel feels like getting into a car, providing a natural sitting position and easy access to controls.

Doors are a standard feature on all models, and feature both internal and external door handles, with a flat design on the inside to maximize passenger space. Wide space between the dashboard and seats allows easy movement through the cab and a standard plastic roof offers protection from the elements while contributing to a high-class image..

The factory-standard full cab on the RIDGE HVAC and RIDGE Limited models is equipped with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), offering a comfortable escape from extreme weather conditions. The full cab includes a glass windshield with a ridgeline graphic, full doors with power windows, a glass rear panel, a plastic roof with a roof liner, a windshield wiper and washer, a rearview mirror, and an interior ceiling light. Seal performance is excellent due to a reverse design approach, with the cab designed and engineered in conjunction with the rest of the vehicle, contributing to efficient climate control and passenger comfort.

The HVAC unit includes multiple vents with mode selection, adjustable fan strength, a choice of fresh or recirculated air, and fast-acting temperature control, providing a high level of convenience and comfort for the RIDGE driver and passengers.


A large 7-inch high-grade full-color TFT LCD screen integrated into the automotive-style dashboard adds to the truck-like quality of the RIDGE. Multiple selectable display modes offer customizable information presentation. The high-grade instrumentation includes infotainment features, such as three selectable display modes (Digital, Analog, Simple) and screen background options (black or white). The brightness adjusts automatically based on available light, with manual adjustments available for driver preference. LCD bonding technology minimizes glare for high clarity. When linked to a smartphone via Bluetooth, the instrument display indicates calls and messages received. Using the smartphone application RIDEOLOGY THE APP POWERSPORTS*, drivers can access vehicle information, log GPS routes, adjust instrument display settings, communicate, and share profiles and trip logs with other users. Compatibility is limited to iOS-type smartphones. 


*RIDEOLOGY THE APP POWERSPORTS is not intended for use during vehicle operation. Only use RIDEOLOGY THE APP POWERSPORTS when the vehicle is not being operated and it is safe to do so.


Kawasaki started full-scale production of motorcycles over a half century ago. The first Kawasaki motorcycle engine was designed based on technical know-how garnered from the development and production of aircraft engines, and Kawasaki’s entry into the motorcycle industry was driven by the company’s constant effort to develop new technologies. Numerous new Kawasaki models introduced over the years have helped shape the market, and in the process have created enduring legends based on their unique engineering, power, design and riding pleasure. In the future, Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. is committed to maintaining and furthering these strengths which will surely give birth to new legends.

Kawasaki’s tagline, “Let the Good Times Roll.®”, is recognized worldwide. The Kawasaki brand is synonymous with powerful, stylish and category-leading vehicles. Information about Kawasaki’s complete line of powersports products and Kawasaki affiliates can be found on the Internet at www.kawasaki.com ans for Canadian customers, at www.kawasaki.ca