2023 Outlander XT-P 1000 R: review



Table des matières

Do you like sporty driving with perfect and precise handling?

I have exactly the quad you need. In 2023, CAN-AM is delivering the Outlander XT-P 1000 R to us with some new features and improvements. Think Intelligent Downhill Braking (IEB) and redesigned and widened FOX QS3 suspension. This quad will not stop surprising you day after day.

Powerful 91 HP motor:


With a powerful 91 HP Rotax 976cc V-twin engine, combined with the Intelligent Throttle (iTCMC), the setup is simply amazing and insane. With the 2×4/4×4 drivetrain working in harmony with the Visco-4Lok auto-locking front differential, no terrain will stop you.


Just choose your high or low gear, hit the throttle, and the Can-Am Outlander XT-P 1000 R’s CVT continuously variable transmission will deliver all the power you need. In addition, the intelligent emergency brake (IEB), adjustable at your fingertips, will be most useful to you on steep descents.


On the suspension side, you’ll be pleased up front, as there are arched double A-arms with front stabilizer bar and 23.3 cm (9.2 inches) of wheel travel. At the rear are Torsion Independent Trailing Arms (TTI) with 25.1 cm (9.9 inches) of travel. Whether front or rear, the shocks are gas-adjustable FOX 1.5 QS3 podium.

Main features and strengths:

The Outlander XT-P 1000 R comes with a lot of standard accessories. There’s the standard, work and sport tri-mode Intelligent Throttle Control (ITC). Also, the three-mode dynamic power steering system (DSP) and intelligent emergency braking (IEB) are part of the vehicle’s equipment. In addition, the Visco-4lok front differential and 26-inch ITP Terracross radial tires on 14-inch aluminum rims with bead locks are included. Finally, note the 7.6-inch digital indicator dial, LED headlights, painted body plastics, 3,500-pound winch, and heavy-duty front and rear bumpers. The standard equipment offered is still very interesting.

First contact with the quad:

First contact

Before leaving with a new quad, I like to see and understand the controls and know where the various buttons are. That way, I’ll be able to spot them quickly on the move and stay focused on the road. In the case of the Outlander XT-P 1000 R, everything is accessible and easily spotted. The 7.8-inch indicator dial is easy to read and located to be seen without taking your eyes off the trail. As for the riding position, the ergonomics are perfect whether sitting or standing, the handlebars are positioned at exactly the right height for perfect control. The footrests are well placed and the clearance between the knees and the framing is just perfect.

Behavior on trail:

When riding on the trail, you quickly realize that you have a machine with a lot of power. The intelligent accelerator is very sensitive and at the slightest pressure of the thumb, the Outlander XT-P 1000 R reacts instantly. Having the choice between three driving modes is interesting depending on our driving preferences between work, standard or sport. You will quickly realize that the chosen mode will completely change the behavior of your quad. It will provide you with all the power you will need off-road. On a rough trail, the suspension equipped with adjustable FOX QS3 shock absorbers will give you a surprisingly smooth ride.

Its double arched A-arm design at the front and longitudinal independent torsion at the rear make the Outlander very comfortable. With almost 10 inches of travel, it will give you plenty of room to maneuver over unexpected obstacles. The 26-inch Terracross tires from ITP give us excellent traction on the trail, regardless of the trail surface. The choice of Terracross tires by Can-Am is excellent thanks to its directional precision and just perfect bite. On the brake side, the Outlander XT-P 1000 R has two 214mm discs with two-piston hydraulic calipers up front. For the rear, a single ventilated disc will complete the whole thing for a fair and precise stop.

Test report:

The Outlander XT-P 1000 R won me over immediately with its look and design. I’m used to trying different quads and there, Can-Am has managed to give me good feelings of sporty driving as I like. After several kilometers of travel, I opted for sport mode for almost all of my test. The sport versus engine harmony is perfect. The standard mode is perfect too, and for my part, I used it mainly in winding path conditions. The work mode is recommended for doing work around the house.

I managed to test the suspension and get a good idea of its behavior and again, it reacts perfectly. The Outlander XT-P 1000 R will maintain an almost perfect trajectory after a series of bumps and holes. Fox QS3 shock absorbers absorb shocks perfectly. The three-click adjustment is incredibly accurate depending on the position chosen, and they will adapt to the worst field conditions.

The 91 HP 976cc Rotax V-twin engine is just perfect. It is incredibly smooth and capable of giving you power on demand in any situation. He never left me with the impression of lacking strength, on the contrary, he surprised me at every opportunity.

Electronics are omnipresent:

In 2023, electronics are even more present at Can-Am and the Outlander XT-P 1000 R is one of them. Indeed, we just have to think of the intelligent accelerator which is of perfect regularity and delicacy. The dynamic power steering is adjustable in three positions according to our driving preferences. Also, the intelligent downhill emergency braking is really very responsive according to our choice. Finally, the Visco-4lok differential is really impressive to get us out of the worst situations smoothly.

Strengths and weaknesses:

What I liked :

  • Sport mode is just amazing
  • Comfort and driving position
  • Suspension combined with FOX QS3 shocks is perfect

What disappointed me:

  • Fuel autonomy
  • The position of the gear selector on the right. When manipulating the lever with mittens, I tended to hook the throttle at the same time. to beware
  • The storage box seems fragile and not waterproof


After a few hundred kilometers of travel, the Outlander XT-P 1000 R has given me satisfaction on each outing. Whether for its performance, its comfort, its quality of assembly, Can-Am engineers have been able to design one of the most versatile quads in its category. The 976 cc Rotax engine is simply brilliant in this category. The suspension is perfectly smooth in all terrain conditions. In other words, if you’re looking for a sporty utility ATV that’s capable of taking it all in and ready to tackle any trail, the XT-P 1000 R is for you.

Many thanks to BRP Can Am for the loan of the vehicle which made this test possible.

So, have a good ride!

Photos: Louis Gagnon, Marc Bergeron, Caroline Lebreux