2022 Can-Am Maverick Sport X XC 1000R 

Can-Am Maverick Sport X XC 1000R 2022


Table des matières

Once again this year, Can-Am gave us the honor of testing one of its excellent sellers, the 2022 Maverick Sport X XC 1000R. If you remember last year, we tested an identical model, but from the year 2020, with over 3000 kilometers on the odometer. And we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the assembly, which even after 3000 kilometers, looked like new. And, we have to say, as a media, our job is to push the UTV to the limit to evaluate its behavior and its resistance. And our words after our test drive were: “After more than 3500 kilometers, it has kept the same characteristics as when it was new!  We now present you the same version, but this time it was delivered to us brand new with zero kilometers on the odometer!

Some characteristics

Our UTV is a 64 inches wide version, you should know that not all versions of the Maverick Sport are 64 inches wide, the DPS version for example is narrower at 60 inches. Categorized as trail performance, it will come with a sporty rear bumper, Smart-Lok technology with 2 or 4 wheels drive, 14 inch aluminum wheels with 29 inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires and a 2 inch trailer hitch receiver. It will allow you to tow up to 680 kilos, with a load capacity in the rear box of 136 kilos.

Up front, there are halogen headlights with LED signatures, and stylish LED taillights.  The interior features a tilt steering wheel, a 7.6-inch-wide digital display, a DC outlet, a panoramic mirror and the X-package seats identified. It will come with half doors, skid plate and fenders. 


The 2022 Maverick Sport X XC  is equipped with Fox Podium 2.5 QS3 shocks. Known for many years, these shocks are very easily adjustable in three internal resistance options. Just turn the knob to the desired position. The front suspension, with arched A-arms and torsion bar, offers 14.8 inches of travel. The rear has the same 14.8 inches of travel, with the TTA independent suspension design also arched for more clearance under the vehicle. And like the front, a torsion bar keeps the vehicle on axis during turns.

Can-Am Maverick Sport X XC 1000R 2022

1000R Engine

The 1000R is a naturally aspirated two-cylinder engine with 100 horsepower from Rotax. Already in the line-up for a few years at BRP, this V-engine is one of the most reliable of the Rotax off-road line. This engine offers great power at low rpm, which makes it easier for the clutch pulleys to work. The acceleration is efficient and without hesitation, we notice the precision of the calibration of the clutch pulleys, the maximum revolution is always reached when we push the gas pedal to the maximum. The acceleration is very efficient, without any hesitation. Negative point: low speed travel. When traveling at very low speeds, such as in the trailer, it is difficult to move forward smoothly without the pulleys offering a jerky motion.


The interior of the Maverick Sport X XC is almost flawlessly finished, with the various parts fitting together perfectly to create a pleasant looking and highly functional interior. The 7.6-inch digital display is mounted on the steering column, so it follows the steering wheel tilt adjustment. It offers all the relevant information about the vehicle.

The seats offer very good lumbar support, and the quality of the workmanship and finish are noticeable. They are rigid and comfortable, with the beautiful X signature. The outwardly arched doors offer good elbow room, are rigid and made in one piece for added durability. The space between the two occupants is relatively small, so it’s possible that your elbows will touch on occasion.

Our test

Theoretically, the Maverick Sport X XC is definitely a good vehicle, and the reality on the trail reflects the theory. What strikes us right away during the first few kilometers is the quality of the assembly: no plastic or other noises, the doors remain solidly closed, without any vibration, even in very bumpy and rocky conditions. 

The suspension is firm and a bit soft, although it excels when pushing the UTV over bumps, but when driving more leisurely, you’ll have to get used to being shaken around a bit. Aggressive cornering is a real treat, and the big stabilizer bars do a great job of keeping the chassis perpendicular to the ground, which leads us to push a little more and push the limits. 

Can-Am Maverick Sport X XC 1000R 2022

The combination of the V-twin and the clutches does a remarkable job on the trail, and throttle response is instantaneous and without hesitation. Low-end torque is pleasant and responsive, and when the need for performance arises, the mill quickly reaches its maximum revolution. On the downside, low-end shifts are jerky, which makes getting in and out of the trailer, for example, a bit more tedious. Acceleration out of corners will put a smile on your face, and it’s easy to stall the rear end under acceleration for controlled skids.

On the improvement side now, the digital screen, although it does the job, it remains dull to look at and lacks a little boldness and color. The second point is certainly the lack of flexibility in the small bumps. We would like to see a vehicle that is more supple in the first few inches of suspension travel, which would provide a better comfort zone without taking away from its ability to handle aggressive driving. Finally, the allogenic headlights lack power at night, so when will we see full LED headlights?

Can-Am Maverick Sport X XC 1000R 2022

The Maverick Sports X XC is an excellent vehicle, very reliable with excellent assembly quality. This UTV offers excellent value for money and will maintain its resale value for a long time. The 1000 CC two-cylinder Rotax has plenty of power to give you a good dose of adrenaline with outstanding reliability for years to come. 

Thanks to Can-Am for the loan of the 2022 Maverick X XC!