2020 Can Am Outlander 570 First Ride

2020 Can Am Outlander 570 First Ride


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Small-displacement quads still occupy a very large market share nowadays. The reason is quite simple: the value of this purchase is very good. Although the buyer has to make some sacrifices compared to big cylinders, the fact is that a small cylinder will do well in most situations and will moreover put a huge smile to its owner’s face, without emptying their bank account.

The very first edition of the Outlander saw light in 2004. At the time, four versions were available. Entry-level was the Outlander 330 HO 2×4, a rear two-wheel drive. For those wanting more traction, the four-wheel-drive version was available with the Outlander 330 HO 4×4. Mid-range was the Outlander Max 400, the little Rotax at the time developed nothing less than 32 HP, which was generally more powerful than most of the 450 versions of the competition. And last but not least of the range was an 800 CC in V at 80 degrees, including electronic fuel injection. 2005 marked the arrival of the 650 version, then in 2006 the very first 400 CC HO EFI. It was during this same year that the DNA of our current model was born, the 500 HO EFI, already very well equipped at the time.

Standard Equipment 

The XT version is well equipped. The standard vehicle is delivered with handguards, and a front and rear luggage rack with capacities of 120 and 240 pounds, respectively. This version is also designed for the use of the LinQ system and its many accessories. Two large, ultra-resistant powder coated front and rear bumpers. A 3,500-pound winch, dynamic three-mode power steering, and a 10.9-litre capacity storage box. Relatively rare on an entry-level model, the three-mode power steering, and, finally, a trailer hitch ready to receive a ball of your choice.

A 570 – Small Displacement?

This 570 CC two-cylinder V has proven itself beyond any doubt. After 7 years of refinement, the calibration is almost perfect in every way. The 48 horsepower is very well exploited by the variable CVT transmission. Most surprisingly, the power at low and medium speed and the response to the accelerator make us wonder if we are really on a 570 CC. Finally, it also has a respectable ground clearance of 10.5 inches.


One of the most interesting aspects of this little vehicle comes from the rear suspension. It consists of two oscillating arms that work continuously, vertically, and on an axis with the frame. In other words, there is no tire camber when sagging the suspension, which provides better stability in bumpy conditions. With an 8.8-inch of total travel, there is also a huge stabilizer bar at the rear.

Upfront, a wishbone suspension with no stabilizer bar and 9 inches of travel. To ensure the grounding, Can-Am trusts the reputable 12 inch Maxxis with cast aluminum rims. 

2020 Can Am Outlander 570 First Ride

On the Track

We have had the chance to put a few hundred kilometres on the 2020 Outlander 570 XT. The first strong advantage is undoubtedly the power and the response of this small two-cylinder V. Electronic fuel injection offers a very fast response. The throttle and the CVT variable clutch calibration are flawless. After travelling for a few kilometres, we quickly forget that we are on a small displacement. The rebounds are very energetic with good acceleration.

Its drive on the trail is rather stiff, which slightly reduces comfort when encountering small bumps. However, this rigidity gives it a boost for aggressive driving. Even without a stabilizer bar in the front, it remains relatively stable in fast turns.

The footrests are very grippy and offer a good handle. In mud, splash protection is excellent, both for the feet and the rest of the body. The wings protect the occupant well.

Although a 570 version has fewer artifices than its larger displacement counterparts, the quality of finish and assembly is nonetheless worthy of high standards! The junctions between the body parts are perfect and elegant. Even after several hundred kilometres, there is no cracking sound or the like, which is only worthy of good build quality. The 4.5-inch backlit liquid crystal digital dial is quite compact, but still offers all relevant information with just a few pushes of the control buttons. It is impossible to ignore the hand protectors, fully moulded in one piece, as they offer good protection to the hands while maintaining a very beautiful look.

On the more negative side now, let’s talk about the power of the headlights. 35 watts of power is insufficient nowadays, although replacement LED bulbs exist on the market. It would be inexpensive for the company to provide its little vehicle with better brightness.

The Can-Am Commander XT 570 is probably one of the best value purchases available on the market. Very high standards of finish, quality and resistant materials, which provide for long-term peace of mind and satisfaction of the future buyer. And let’s not forget about the performance of this small two-cylinder V, which is more than enough to make the competition blush and provides a lot of pleasure without consuming much gas.

In conclusion, a huge thank you to the Can-Am company for its trust over the years. It is always a pleasure to work in collaboration with them. And if buying a 2020 Outlander XT 570 crosses your mind, don’t hesitate. You won’t be disappointed!