2019 Can-Am Maverick Sport – First Look

2019 Can-Am Maverick Sport - First Look


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In September 2015, BRP president José Boisjoli announced the introduction of a new side-by-side vehicle model every six months for the next four years. In September 2015 came the first of the series: The Defender. A little later followed the Defender Max in March 2016. August 2016 was marked by the arrival of the famous Maverick X3 which redefined the category of the super sport models, then came a 4-seater of the same range the Maverick X3 MAX in February 2017. In September 2017 came an expected vehicle in the Can-Am line-up, a completely redesigned 50-inch version, with the engine positioned further to the rear of the vehicle and a very long wheelbase. It goes without saying that a larger vehicle version built on the same concepts had to be introduced one day. Here comes the Maverick Sport.

The design of the Maverick Sport resembles in many ways its little brother the Maverick Trail – an engine positioned further to the rear of the vehicle that allows for a quieter and cooler cabin, a very long wheelbase of 90.6 inches (230.12 cm), etc.

Having no 50-inch width restriction, the Maverick Sport is a 60-inch wide vehicle really well designed for trail riding.


Two engine versions are available for the Maverick Sport – The V-Twin Rotax 1000 developing 75hp and 60 pound-feet of torque – the same engine used on the Trail version – or the Rotax 1000R, also a V-Twin engine developing 100hp with 71 pound-feet of torque. Both versions are equipped with the same Donaldson air intake system that is being used on the Maverick X3. The intake is placed on the rear side of the vehicle and offers a quick access to the air filter for easier maintenance. Two engine performance modes are available to the driver via a switch on the dashboard – Eco mode for reduced performance and better fuel economy, or full power in Sport mode.

2019 Can-Am Maverick Sport
2019 Can-Am Maverick Sport

CVT transmission

To improve the drive belt lifespan, the 1000R version is equipped with two air intakes to properly cool the pulleys – one intake that is identical to the Rotax 1000 of 75hp version, and a second intake which directly cools the driven pulley.

Maverick X3 driven pulley

In the 1000R version, we find the same driven pulley as in the Maverick X3, with much more pronounced fins to improve cooling. Like in the Trail version, the Sport model is equipped with the drive belt protection system.

Ergo-Lok cabin

No longer having to deal with the 50-inch width limit, the engineers opted for completely redesigned rigid doors. Curved outwards, the doors offer 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) of additional elbow clearance compared to the Trail version, leaving much more room and freedom of movement.

The interior door handles are positioned differently than the 50-inch version. Placed forward, they are much easier to use, both with the left arm and the right arm, which is virtually impossible on the narrower Trail model. The outer handles are also more ergonomic and easier to use.

Like in the Trail, the interior cabin is very ergonomic: well-positioned footrests, adjustable steering wheel and up to five-inch front-to-rear adjustment in the driver’s seat. The seats are of good quality, very comfortable with good lumbar supports and above all with a good rigidity which makes sure to keep the occupant always well positioned in aggressive driving.


In the same vein as its narrower brother, we find the same concept of front and rear suspension – A-arms and stabilizer bar with 11.5-inches of travel at the front, while at the back there are 12-inches of travel with a stabilizer bar and a TTA (Torsional Trailing A-Arm) system. For the Sport version, the company’s designers team went with Fox Podium 2.0 preload adjustable shock absorbers and Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires with 12-inch aluminum wheels.

2019 Can-Am Maverick Sport
2019 Can-Am Maverick Sport

Designed for long rides

In total, the vehicle has more than 20 liters (0.7 ft3) of interior storage space for your belongings. The rear box offers 300 pounds (136 kg) of cargo capacity. There are eight Linq quick attach points, 4 ratchets and evacuation points for water drain. Added to this is a two-inch trailer hitch with a capacity of 1500 pounds (680 kg), a 12 volts cigarette lighter-style power outlet and a fuel tank of 38 liters (10 gal) for very long rides.

What about on the track?

Without a doubt, the Maverick Sport version will quickly take an important place in the 60-inch wide market. Ergonomically speaking, the interior is very well designed. The 2.5 inches of additional space provided by the curved rigid doors on each side allow good freedom of movement of the arms in aggressive driving.

2019 Can-Am Maverick Sport
2019 Can-Am Maverick Sport

With the engine positioned at the rear of the vehicle and the air intake located on the side of the vehicle, there is no engine heat going inside the cabin and the sound level is very comfortable for the occupants.

The long wheelbase paired with the 60-inch width provides excellent stability. The suspension is very comfortable in small bumps while keeping excellent stability at higher speeds. While cornering the stabilizer bars do the job to keep the vehicle in the right position.

The Maverick Sport is definitely a choice to consider if you want a good, well-designed trail vehicle. And if you are the type of people willing to personalize your vehicle, there is nothing less than 140 accessories of all kind available at your dealership.