2017 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 Review

2017 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 Review


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Want to do more, rides and enjoy them? Polaris as you covered, once again. For 2017 their ATV lineup remains among the most diversified and complete, with something for every need or taste. The number of different models at the latest Polaris media event, on both the Side-by-Side and ATV sides, was truly impressive and we threw ourselves in or on everything we could get our hands on but we, as true ATV riders at heart, couldn’t help but play closer attention to the performance aspects of this new and much-improved 2017 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000.

Wow! Somebody pinch me! Finally, back on an ATV, with lots of new things to discover and share with our devoted and loyal ATV riding readers. Recent trends of this highly competitive part of the motor vehicle industry, have forced us to sit and relax, or get excited behind a steering wheel. Side by Side vehicles have been stealing away a lot of ink lately, and although we do enjoy being invited to try them all, we were sort of whishing for any of them to have something new and exciting enough on the ATV side, to justify giving us a full row of test units to enjoy at a press event. What a thrill it is when we pull into the ride site of a major manufacturers’ yearly presentation to the media. That’s always been something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed those moments when I first see an ATV model, which is obviously different, even when viewed from a distance. As soon I catch a glimpse of those beautifully decorated big Polaris rigs, my brain kicks into high gear and my eyes peer to find a row of identical, brand-new quads. Yes! There they were, obviously different, sparklingly shining under a hot Montana summer sun. The new high clearance arched a-arms, made obvious and taking part in making the Sportsman look hotter then ever in their red hot colour contrasting at a max with the superb black automotive paint. A few elegant Matte Copper LE versions were also available for dirtying.

This big boy, or girl toy, is packed with truly practical new features that can make a day out in nature, a better, more efficient one. The rack system was totally revised and boasts an industry-leading 360 lb capacity. Six new modular rack extenders with Lock & Ride and 44 new easily accessed tie-down points and three intelligently added integrated bucket rings, provide you with a lot more ways to carry all types of different cargo with peace of mind. From brush guards and lighting to windshields and storage racks and boxes, these new accessories have all been redesigned to maximise on your new Sportsman’s capabilities. Fender flares offering excellent splash protection come stock on these rides now, so that is one thing less to worry about paying extra for.

With its new more powerful and efficient 90 HP ProStar engine, the 2017 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 tops them all in fun potential, towing capacity and hauling prowess. Adding a little bit of power is something we’ve come to expect but giving the user a means to control that power in different ways is something entirely new to our beloved ATV world. The new 2017 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 gives you ultimate control with 3-Mode Throttle Control. Choose from Performance Mode, Standard Mode, or Work Mode for the best experience. I will let you try and guess what mode I was in, when giving my good buddy Tim Davis, an excellent fellow-photographer, with whom I had great pleasure working with, on many such occasions, like the best possible action for the shot on this issue’s cover. It might not look like it, but I am actually in the work mode, which I should have called the smooth mode instead. I strongly encourage any and all types of riders to use the work mode for most regular uses of this great ATV. Most riders suffering from a sore thumb should avoid, not because the thumb throttle is hard to push in but, rather because they are almost always holding back the thumb and using just the first quarter inch of its full motion. We have said it many times before, the Sportsman’s thumb throttle is one of the most well-designed on the market and is shaped as such that the entire length of the thumb can be used, not just the tip. So to be clear, the work and normal modes do not rob power at all, they only affect throttle response. This explains why it didn’t make much difference when I was pinned at the max for that long swooping turn on the cover. In work mode, a user with a desire for a totally relaxed experience out on the trail will enjoy a much more comfortable hand position with the throttle locked in at about halfway to reach a relaxed cruising speed. True that it will help avoid unwanted jerkiness in work environments with the frequent backing up and maybe hook something Standard/1.25″ Receiver and make good use of the 680.4 kg (1,500 lb) towing capacity.

Variable assist power steering system delivers all-day comfort and control in every situation. Because of it, I would feel comfortable just slapping on a few numbers and running this gem bone stock in an endurance race. It has taken me to a point where I feel as much in control of this big utility quad and a 2WD 450 sport quad. You know, the high flying ones made for MX races. I am not saying that I don’t feel the huge difference in weight, but that the ease of operation is so high that any experienced rider will have a safe go at exploring the full potential of this quad in a sport sense. I’m also not saying that I would win any such race but that I, at now 49 years of age, could have my fair share of fun and would certainly find some friends to exchange some dirt in the goggles. The stance is truly solid and a wheel coming a tad off the ground won’t surprise or trouble any sort of rider. If I had to sum up everything into one word, that word would be: balance. Everything blends together perfectly; comfort of the twin zone seat design, handlebar set a bit higher for a perfect feel and easy transition between a standing rider position and a sitting one. The front plastics are perfectly shaped for unobstructed body weight transfers and the brakes work like a dream. We tried, but couldn’t find anything to complain about on this amazingly fun to test new Sportsman.

The all-new, completely redesigned 2017 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000, 850 & 850 SP all get the new integrated winch & plow mount system allowing you to install or remove your plow system in under a minute, but only the 1000 has the industry’s first digital gauge with Bluetooth connectivity. All of them can of course, be personalized with a new line of Polaris Engineered Ultimate Series Accessories.

Any ATV rider looking to upgrade to a better machine, should take a good long look at this marvel of technology, filled with refreshing innovations.

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