2017 Polaris Ranger Lineup First look

2017 Polaris Ranger Lineup First look


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The Polaris RANGER® is the industry’s No.1-selling utility vehicle (UTV) lineup, offering the hardest working and smoothest riding family of vehicles for hunting, farming, trails and mud. The Model Year 2017 lineup continues to offer more innovation with new features and models across every price point and consumer application.

The Ranger XP 1000
For 2017, Polaris brought the new RANGER XP 1000 to the market. Available in base, EPS and several special editions including two new High Lifter mud editions in a full-size and crew model. For the farmer and rancher, the new Ranger XP 1000 EPS Ranch Edition is decked out with specific accessories to make work go a little easier. In a first for the industry, Polaris released the Ranger XP 1000 EPS NorthStar HVAC and Crew HVAC editions with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) with a fully-enclosed cab.

At the heart of the Ranger XP 1000 and Crew XP 1000 is a 999cc, 80-horsepower ProStar engine. All the XP 1000 models have an all-new Three-Mode Throttle Control switch with Performance, Standard and Work modes. The Performance mode gives the driver instant throttle response for faster acceleration. For drivers enjoying the recreational side of the Ranger, Performance mode is a lot of fun. The Standard mode offers a blend of torque and with a more subdued path to the higher end of the performance side of the machine.

The Work mode lowers RPM band for enhanced slow-speed control, perfect for towing a trailer, navigating tight areas, or putting the Ranger to what the mode implies – work.

The special edition HVAC Ranger XP 1000 EPS and Crew 1000 EPS models offer heating and air conditioning because seasons may change, and outside temperatures may vary, but you still want to ride. Both models feature a premium cab system that keeps the bad stuff from getting inside the cab, while fresh air is forced into the cab through the HVAC system, helping to keep dust out. In an effort to speed up the heat when you need it on cold days, an electronically controlled engine thermostat pulls engine heat into the system. Off-road durability is not a problem because the air conditioning compressor is a sealed unit. Another part of the system, the sealed, engine-integrated alternator increases durability and is an industry first.

The Ranger XP 1000 EPS Ranch Edition is the first Ranger designed specifically for, you guessed it, ranchers. The big news is an all-new, self- leveling rear suspension with Nivomat shocks that automatically self-adjust depending on the load. This also results in higher ground clearance when loaded. The Nivomat shocks provide a smooth ride due to their lower spring rate. This also allows the Ranch Edition to go long distances at 50 mph (80.5 kph) while fully loaded, making ranch tasks quick and easier.

Adding to the tough side of the Ranch Edition, it is equipped with 30-percent stronger half shafts, and heavy-duty bushings. Polaris added specialized accessories including a full-body skid plate, 4,500-lb. (2041-kg) winch, front and rear bumper, rear-view mirror, sport roof, fold-down headache rack, rear power with dash-mounted switch, an in-cab gun rack, a T-post rack and a wire fence spooler located on the rear of the box to make fence construction and repair a breeze.

The XP 1000 Hunter Edition comes in Polaris Pursuit camo and has specialized options for hunting trips. It has Active Descent Control (ADC) which is a huge help for the back-country adventuring when traversing down steep hills, especially with the Ranger loaded up with your hunting gear. The Hunter Edition comes with a factory-installed 4,500 lb. Polaris HD Winch, Polaris Lock & Ride Gun Scabbards and cut and sewn seats.

Get dirty with the High Lifter Editions in both the full-size and Crew models. Both have reduced gearing with more torque for digging through the slop. They also have a heavy-duty reverse chain, engine air and clutch intakes mounted high and out of the “spray zone.” For increased ground clearance, there are arched lower a-arms. To cut through the deepest muck, 28-in. (71.12-cm) High Lifter Outlaw II tires. Sealed switches, fuse box and battery keep things rolling when the mud keeps flowing. Both units also feature steel half-doors.

Polaris kept the Ranger XP 900 for 2017 for $1,200 less than previous years for the full-size models and the XP 900 Crew can be had for $1,000 less than last year.

Mid-sized Rangers
All new to the mid-sized Ranger lineup for 2017 is the Ranger 500. The Ranger 500 offers up amazing value and all the features you’d expect in a Ranger, including an automatic CVT transmission and Polaris’ On- Demand True All-Wheel Drive with VersaTrac Turf Mode. The Ranger 500 has independent rear suspension and electronic fuel injection. The 500 runs on an all-new 32-horsepower, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder Pro-Star 500 engine.

Polaris continues to offer the Ranger 570 in Sage Green and Polaris Pursuit Camo. There is an black pearl EPS 570, too. For those looking for electric vehicle efficiency, the Ranger EV and Ranger EV Li- Ion remain in the lineup as well.

More information about the 2017 Polaris Ranger line up, and other off-road vehicles as well as Polaris-engineered accessories can be found at www.Polaris.com, or at a Polaris dealer near you.

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