2017 Polaris ACE Lineup First Look

2017 Polaris ACE Lineup First Look


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2017 Polaris ACE Lineup First Look, be warned, this vehicle type provides its operator with a highly addictive dose of fun, every time the pedal is pressed. If you try and drive one, you will get hooked! With comfort improvements across the line, this year’s ACE is the most comfortable yet. With 10% more leg room and 13% more room for entry and exit, it can serve an even wider range of user types, all with a taste for invigorating off-road adventures.

Someone recently asked me what I thought about Polaris boldly pushing their new single-seat platform right up to the top in power and speed with one of their most powerful big twin-cylinder engines. I asked that guy if he had a chance to drive one. He said no. I told him that was why he still had doubts. ?Once you try it you will feel at ease with the numbers. ? I said.

The Polaris Sportsman Ace was first introduced wrapped around the much smaller engines that power Polaris vehicles but it is rather the other way around. Like the Sportsman line, the vehicle was made to eventually offer a wide range of engine choices from the very beginning, with handling and suspension traits that leave room for more powerful engines to be used safely, so that as many as possible can find just the right match for their needs or tastes.

Stepping things up a big notch for the Ace with the 900 last year, was not something that Polaris engineers endeavored in blindly. Front and rear stabilizer bars ensured solid handling and the front shocks had a bit more travel than the other Ace models, making all that power safely usable. This year the 900 ProStar gives it a serious power gain yet again, going from 60 HP to 78 and so other modifications were needed to keep all that power under control. By widening its footprint considerably, up to 59 inches instead of the tight trail-friendly 48, this vehicle falls into a totally different class that feels absolutely amazing to drive. Its new long travel dual A-Arm with stabilizer bar front suspension, boasts about 30% more travel and its Walker Evans clicker needle shocks enable the driver to finely tune it to a T at any point per changing conditions and terrain types. Not touching the factory set-up, we set out to explore some amazing Montana mountains and just couldn’t believe how amazing the central seating position is when you’ve got such a high-performance race-inspired suspension system. As the trails got rougher, I realized that I could soften certain obstacles by simply accelerating over them. Wow! I could keep on driving this Ace all day long day after day! The 900 as become my perfect engine choice for this amazing ORV chassis and when things got more challenging, it boosts the fun factor way up.

Packed with premium performance features such as Electronic Power Steering, Walker Evans compression adjustable needle shocks, 27″ GBC Commander tires, performance tilt steering wheel, blue tooth capable instrumentation, cut & sew seat, the new Ace 900 XC tops them all in all-around performance. It wears all new race inspired long travel front and rear suspension components with Walker Evans premium multi-position adjustable needle shocks. This brings up the front travel to 12.3 inches, rear travel to 12.6 inches and pumps up the ground clearance to over 13. The amazing stability of this vehicle stirred up memories of Honda’s super fun to drive FL350R Odyssey from back in the 80’s. The

The most basic and affordable is the Ace 500, still using the sturdy MacPherson Strut with 8.2″ (20.8 cm) travel and Dual A-Arm with stabilizer bar, IRS providing 9.5″ (24.1 cm) in travel but we strongly suggest the 570 SP because on top of adding EPS and factory-installed doors, it has a new innovative dual a-arm front suspension system with dual stabilizer bars. It provides nearly 20% tighter turning and quicker steering and not only is the ride superior but the handling is amazing. At a narrower trail-friendly 48 inches in width, any of these can represent the logical choice for most users.

The sit-in chassis combines the nimble handling and conquering capacity of an ATV with the ease and comfort in use of a Side-by-Side. We have always been huge fans of the idea, sad that Honda hasn’t a new Odyssey to offer. We just love how it gives almost anyone the chance to get that sweet feel of total freedom and a chance to live life to the fullest, with exciting off-road performance in an easy to use and own package.

This is the perfect ride no matter what your age is (over 16 of course) or body type, if you were not comfortable straddling a motocross or ATV and lack room or budget for a big Side-by-Side, the ACE is your wild card to a winning hand that promises a lifetime of enjoying nature’s best.

I got to try the new 900 ProStar powered ACE 900 SP for an entire weekend at Camp RZR Brimstone and I was truly impressed with how much of a smile-inducing fun vehicle it is and that is in most part because it has a good solid feeling handling in tight turns. In the new XC form, you can multiply that by at least two. This sport-focused 59-inch width feels perfect for this amazing Single-seat ORV and the new and more powerful 78 HP ProStar. You get the same solid stability in flat turns as a rally car combined with a desert racing style suspension that lets you stay on the gas safely. ?Wow? is the best and only word to use when describing the new Polaris Ace 900 XC. 27″ GBC Commander Tires, Performance tilt steering wheel, Blue Tooth capable instrumentation and a nicer-looking cut & sew seat, make it the most desirable in the line for those who want the highest performing machine available.

The Ace 570 SP remains our top recommendation for its nimbleness and easy to carry and store width It is also graced with an impressive package of features like automotive style paint, aluminum wheels, Electronic Power Steering (EPS) and an Engine Braking System (EBS) with new factory installed doors with custom graphics, high-performance steering wheel and high performance close ratio on-demand AWD.

All of them come with an integrated front storage compartment of nearly 3 gallons, dual dash storage trays and high-capacity cargo box. All ACE models can carry up to 360 lbs of gear for long trips in the wild. One thing is certain, regardless of which Ace you choose to drive, it will provide you with many joys and a unique off-road experience.

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