2016 Kawasaki Teryx Lineup Preview

2016 Kawasaki Teryx Lineup Preview


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Team Green performance and Kawasaki reliability is palpable with every manipulation, beginning with a snug operating and long-lasting feel to the door handles. Then it just keeps getting better and better as you start exploring every aspect in performance, as well as every little detail.

This incredibly versatile and sporty recreational utility vehicle combines great off-road ability and impressive comfort with legendary Kawasaki durability and quality. And for the 2016 model year, it has received a host of upgrades that will make it more appealing than ever.

A few years ago both the Teryx and Teryx4 got a new 783cc 90-degree V-Twin, replacing the old 749cc. Camshafts were optimized, exhaust headers revised among other things, which increased torque by 12% and pumped the horsepower up 26%. Despite this heightened performance, fuel economy was also improved.

Many Side-by-Side vehicles just don’t have enough tension in the spring for the gas pedal, which can cause cramping problems. I found the Teryx to offer just the right amount to hold your foot up. Moving your seat is made simple and you should take the angle of your foot in relation to the pedal in consideration when doing so. You will find a sweet spot that will greatly reduce leg fatigue. To accommodate every leg length and foot size combination is impossible and a heel pocket isn’t ideal because it imposes the same position for every foot size. A series of large indentations at the heel would be ideal. Like having many heel pockets. It would not only enable all types of drivers to feel support of the leg but the same driver could also choose to change positions with the heel depending on what part of the throttle’s range is used.

High-backed, form-fitting bucket seats offer just the right amount of lateral support, every knob, button or the car-like hand brake lever, exudes quality. The Teryx4 leaves little to be desired; we love the compression adjustable Fox suspension, our beloved Maxxis Bighorn 26” tires, the high ground clearance, engine braking that feels much smoother than it used to and the long wheelbase does magic in reducing tipping angles over rough terrain.

The Teryx side x side excels at all sorts of tasks, from hauling family members to towing. Its sizable 27.6 x 43.3” cargo bed is 10.4” deep and boasts a heavy-duty 600 lb payload capacity. The cargo bed has a flat bottom that is big enough to hold a large cooler, several spare fuel cans or other essentials. The bed also features the ability to add Kawasaki’s optional tool snap-mount system, which allows quick-mounting of Kawasaki Genuine Accessories and/or tools to the bed rails. Four tie-down loops help secure the cargo, and two water-resistant rear storage compartments offer 48 gallons capacity.

For greater capacity, the Teryx4 side x side also has a latching tailgate which can be removed without requiring tools. The tailgate also features moulded drink holders for added convenience.

A 2” hitch receiver is standard equipment. This allows the Teryx4 side x side to tow up to a substantial 1,300 lb. once equipped with the optional draw bar.

New features include a redesigned front face that gives it a more aggressive persona to accompany its off-road toughness. The dashboard layout is new, and tilt steering is standard on all models, plus a thicker, sportier steering wheel for more driver comfort and confidence as well as standard Electric Power Steering (EPS) on all models. Further updates see the Teryx family getting new tool-free adjustment for the driver’s seat as well as new optimized setting for its Fox Podium 2.0 shocks. Add bigger 14” wheels on the Teryx LE model, and four powerful LED headlights on the LE and Camo models, plus a Kawasaki STRONG three-year limited factory warranty, and the 2016 Kawasaki Teryx side x side is an unbeatable package.

The character-filled, purpose-built 90-degree V-twin engine is revered for its exhaust note, stump-pulling torque and amazing flexibility. The 783cc engine generates its power and torque where you need it most – in the low- and mid-range powerband, making short work of scrambling up hills, slogging through mud or crawling over rocks. The Teryx side x sides also deliver great fuel efficiency, providing ample range between fuel stops.

Transferring all that torque to the ground is a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with a centrifugal clutch assembly, and a three-mode electronically selectable four-wheel drive system that allows access to either 2WD (light steering, great handling), 4WD or 4WD + Front Differential Lock. The latter helps to provide optimum traction by simply rotating a dash-mounted switch.

The CVT is known for its quick response and direct engine “feel” in sportier riding situations, and its unique engine braking ability can increase driver confidence on descents, while turning and in rough conditions.

So whether it’s climbing a rocky trail, crossing a stream or just hauling down a wide-open track with three friends, the Teryx side x sides have the ideal drivetrain mode to handle it.

Easy, low-effort and precise steering are hallmarks of the Teryx side x side’s standard Electric Power Steering (EPS) system.

The Showa-built system eliminates the traditional power-steering pump found on most of the competition, so steering inputs don’t rob engine power, and it is only active when the engine is running, so there’s minimal battery drain. Input from vehicle speed and torque sensors determine the amount of steering assistance – more during slow-speed use, and less as speeds increase, just like a state-of-the-art sports car. EPS offers additional damping, especially on rough surfaces, resulting in reduced steering kickback and bump-steer.

The durable Double-X frame construction of the Teryx side x sides takes technical terrain in its stride. The rigid, square tube chassis effectively combats flex to help provide superior handling over rough ground.

This stout frame was designed using detailed computer analysis and plenty of off-road testing to create the Double-X design. It features two X-shaped cross-members bridging the frame’s box structures from corner-to-corner for maximum strength and optimum durability.

The extremely tight 16.7ft turning radius makes manoeuvring in close quarters a cinch – a real benefit over some of the competition that can be forced to make multi-point turns in the same amount of space.

The frame is also reinforced by the Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS), which extends all the way out to the edges of the bodywork to maximize cockpit space and help shield the chassis and bodywork.

The Teryx side x sides have underbody engine guards that offer an added measure of protection by shielding vital components; their smooth reinforced surfaces act as a skid plate when it might be necessary to grind over the occasional obstacle.

This impressive chassis package is further enhanced with a wide-track/wide-body design, which contributes to superb handling characteristics. The wide track helps resist body roll during cornering and boosts its ability to navigate rough terrain. Mid-engine placement also helps by centralizing the vehicle’s center of mass, which reduces the turning inertia and promotes fluid direction changes.

Large 26” Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires offer the type of ride comfort, control and traction you would expect from a Teryx side x side. Their construction and tread design helps maximize forward traction, while optimizing driver feedback for cornering.

The Teryx side x sides have an 85.6” wheelbase, contributing to its tight turning radius and overall agility. The vehicle also offers a substantial 11.2” of ground clearance, helping to prevent it from high centering when cresting a ridge or obstacle. The high approach and departure angles (79- and 65-degrees, respectively) also reduce the possibility of fouling the front bumper when approaching a steep slope, or scraping the tail when exiting.

The independent suspension on the Teryx side x sides incorporate one of the best names in the high-performance suspension business: FOX. This means that stout steel A-arms at all four corners are mated to adjustable FOX Podium 2.0 remote reservoir coilover shocks that offer 8” of plush travel up front and 8.3” out back, giving the Teryx4 side x side plenty of trail-taming comfort. And new settings for the Fox shocks mean the vehicle has even more composure at high and low speeds.

Kawasaki engineers collaborated with FOX to fit the Teryx side x sides with the ultimate high-performance FOX Podium 2.0 shocks, which are adjustable for spring preload and 24-way compression damping, to tailor the ride to the terrain or the rider’s preference.

Kawasaki and FOX incorporated a dual-mode design ideology so the adjustable FOX Podium 2.0 coilover shocks provide everything from cruising comfort with passengers and a full cargo bed, to sport-style bump absorption when driven solo. It’s a difficult combination to get right, but the FOX Podium 2.0 shocks get the job done by maintaining consistent, progressive and fade-free damping in all driving conditions.

With the performance and handling potential of the Teryx side x sides, consistent brake performance is essential, and the Teryx side x sides deliver with high-performance hydraulic discs up front. These use 200mm rotors gripped by dual-piston calipers for exceptional feel and stopping power. The brakes are recessed within the wheels to help keep them free from dirt, rocks, water and debris, while sturdy steel-braided brake lines help keep the pedal feeling crisp and progressive.

At the rear, Kawasaki employs its unique sealed internal wet brake, which feature internal components that are completely sealed from mud, water, dust and debris. The result is powerful and ultra-reliable braking performance whether descending hills or running on trails, wet or dry.

All four occupants will enjoy riding in the Teryx side x sides during a long day, because it’s one of the most comfortable vehicle in its class.

Its roomy interior gives the driver and passengers plenty of hip, shoulder and legroom. Three-tone high-backed bucket seats feature high-quality cushioning and cold-resistant seat material for all-day plushness. The adjustable seats eliminate the need for a headrest and feature wraparound ergonomics to hold driver and passengers firmly in place.

The Kawasaki Teryx4 vehicle is the pinnacle of side x side performance and style, especially with its new attention-grabbing front bumper, hood and headlight design. Able to accommodate four full-size adults, the side x side can provide exciting and reliable off-road enjoyment for the whole family.

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