2016 Can-Am Renegade 1000R X mr First look

2016 Can-Am Renegade 1000R X mr First look


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Like we’ve come to expect from BRP, they have some really exciting news and products that keep the ATV world an exciting place to be again in 2016. The new 2016 Can-Am Renegade 1000R X mr is only one of many new things to grace showroom floors but it is certainly our favourite of the bunch! In all honesty we are left kind of wondering why the X mr idea didn’t start with this model. It simply looks and feels like it was meant to be.

In need of aggressive and intimidating power with the same mud-specific features found on the mighty 2016 Can-Am Renegade 1000R X mr but also wanting the amazing eye-popping looks of the Renegade? We have good news! Introducing the new Renegade X mr 1000R, the most powerful ATV in the industry, built to dominate any terrain.

The X-mr was the last quad I thought would some day become a family of quads. The 2016 Can-Am Renegade 1000R X mr was so spectacular in looks, as well as in performance, that my first reaction was to view it as a out of the box, machine, intimidating to most people. Well it turns out that enough success came from the 2016 Can-Am Renegade 1000R X mr, that Can-Am now offers the widest selection of dedicated mud vehicles with the new Outlander L 570 X mr, the 650, 850, or 1000R and its extra lengthy wheelbase. Now that I’ve seen and experienced almost every possible off-road situation imaginable on all sorts of ATVs I can appreciate the fact that this type of quad isn’t just good for playing in the mud. I have many times mentioned in Side-by-Side related articles that the safest, most comfortable machine is the highest performing one when used well below its full potential. Truth is most people do ride or drive these beastly rides well below their full capacity, which means every aspect feels heightened in efficiency. More ground clearance, more suspension, more protective elements, tires in absolutely no need of an upgrade and the list of advantages goes on and on.

The Renegade is basically the same 4×4 quad as the Outlander, with a focus on sportiness mainly dictated by its edgier plastics. Some would think the differences stop there but that’s not the case at all. Although the chassis, engine, transmission and suspension are pretty much the same, nothing is calibrated quite the same way and engineers actually just love to tinker with just about everything and calibrate it to fit the desires of owners of each specific model. On the first ever Renegade I got to ride my favourite differences included the huge kick-up foot pegs. What could be more important than a point of contact between man and machine (oops sorry woman and machine too)? I’ve always been curious about how a seat is designed but always more so about the design of the footrests and floor around them, if any. In the Renegade’s case there is no actual floor and the pegs are well separated and higher than the group of drainage-friendly plastic beams around them. This way your foot positioning is dictated to an optimal balanced position. Even more important in winter is that it doesn’t pack and freeze up into an ice-skating rink for each one of your feet. This one can handle quite a bit of fresh snow riding before having to stop and clean up around the pegs because you start feeling that it hinders your operation of the rear brake pedal.

In mud competition the pegs are huge element to be discussed and as oddly as it may sound, the kicked up part of the peg combines perfectly with the added center grab handle on the aluminum taper-profile handlebar with wind deflectors and square pad. It creates more possibilities in extreme bodyweight placement needs. Onlookers would think you are in the process of crashing but you are never losing footing and able to react to huge rocks hidden deep below looking to kick you off to one side. Having the same exact type of serration as the pegs on the sides of the floorboard plastic would have been perfect but you can notice an effort done there to give the rider more grip to her or his boot when the quad is at a steep angle. Look closely; it is one of a few differences between the usual Renegade and this one. Another is how the front plastics are redesigned from the very bottom up to the lights to minimize drag in the mud. The idea of putting the bumper much higher and wrapping up the entire front is also fantastic for the same reason and the fact that it looks as good as it protects your investment.

The Renegade has been my favourite quad since it came out in 2006. It was then and I think remains the ATV industry’s most definitive sport 4×4. Yes, the mechanics of the Renegade are almost all Outlander, expect for some differences in ergonomics and in suspension calibration. You get the same solid components such as a no-tools air box is placed at a high and centralized location, large and efficient radiator, CVT Transmission with revised “L” gear ratio, a centralized maintenance area offering easier access and improved protection under the seat and among many other things, four stylish 60-W projector-type headlights (240-W) for really good clarity and trail visibility when the sun goes down and you are far from being done having fun. That happens to us all the time when we get to ride one.

Fed by a 54-mm throttle body and twin Siemens VDO fuel injectors, the high-performance revamped Rotax 1000R now pumps a huge 89 horsepower. That is 9% more power than its predecessor and puts this ride in the lead in performance for 2016. Can-Am engineers made sure that critical components like the CVT intake and outlet, as well as the engine intake are located as high as possible on the ATV. They placed them in the pod directly in front of the handlebars and high above the muddy, wet conditions.

Based off of the SST G2 single-rider chassis, the newest X mr ATV wears 30-inch (76.2 cm) Gorilla Axle Silverback tires on 14-inch (35.6 cm) cast-aluminum wheels with integrated, color-matching beadlocks that truly give this ride some extra bling. The proven 30-inch Gorilla Axle Silverback tires were chosen for their exceptional mud-riding characteristics. Developed by Gorilla Axle, these tires have been tested in the most challenging mud holes in the Southern U.S. They have 2-inch tall lugs and an aggressive tread pattern for superb mud performance. It’s simply the most aggressive ATV tire in the world; so it should be on the most aggressive ATV in the world.

The ATV industry has certainly changed quite a bit since Side-by-Side vehicles have entered the game and it is quite refreshing to get such an exciting new ATV to drool over. To me anyway, this quad has it all! Great sight lines that let you see exactly what is going on between your tires and the ground, amazingly efficient lighting, more power than I need, a suspension that can be precisely tuned in accordance to my tastes and needs and looks to die for. Now I just need some sort of windfall.


• Rotax snorkeled V-Twin engine with relocated CVT intake and outlet
• Front and rear FOX† Performance Series 1.5 PODIUM† RC2 shocks
• 30-in. Gorilla Axle Silverback† tires
• 14-in. cast-aluminum beadlock wheels
• 3,000-lb (1,361 kg) WARN winch with roller fairlead
• Aluminum skid plate
• Heavy-duty front and rear bumpers
• Aluminum taper-profile handlebar with grab handle, wind deflectors and square pad
• Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPSTM)
• Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with Extra Low L-Gear
• Torsional Trailing arm Independent rear suspension (TTI)
• Mudguards
• Multifunction digital gauge
• Two X-package colorations, graphics and seat cover: Hyper Silver, Black & Octane Blue or Hyper Silver, Black & Can-Am Red

For more information on the above mentioned models, please visit the Can-Am Off-Road Website

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