2015 Honda ATV Lineup

2015 Honda ATV Lineup


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ATV enthusiasts will be thrilled with this latest batch of models from Honda, it will provide them with more choice than ever before. Honda’s engineering prowess is clearly evident with this stunning array of new ATV models that are being released alongside some returning favorites for 2015.

Honda are very excited to announce a number of all-new additions to the 2015 ATV line-up. Our engineers were challenged to come up with new models that would better meet the evolving lifestyles of today’s consumer and we are happy to report that they were able to meet that challenge. By applying different technologies in varying combinations Honda engineers were ultimately able to provide something for just about everyone, no matter how demanding their lifestyle.

TRX500 Rubicon Family

The Rubicon trail near Lake Tahoe is renowned for its difficulty and its unforgiving punishment to both man and machine; as a name it perfectly embodies the character of Honda’s all-new line of more trail focused ATVs.

Available in five different versions (two automatics and three manual shift models) the new Rubicons all feature the same long travel, Independent Rear Suspension System (IRS) that allows the rear wheels to more accurately follow difficult terrain, improving traction, control and comfort. This advanced new system brings a new level of precision to IRS handling with a strong feeling of security and control.

In addition to the independent rear suspension system, all five Rubicons also share thicker broader seats, a roomier seating position, a clever new reverse selection mechanism, innovative new high comfort handgrips, new aggressive tires, increased rack and towing capacities and a locking front differential.

Automatic Transmission is available on two variations – Standard (TRX500 Rubicon DCT IRS EPS) and the DCT Deluxe version (TRX500 Rubicon DCT Deluxe) both featuring Honda’s proven Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). DCT is a computer controlled, fully automatic, seamless shifting transmission with gear-on-gear efficiency and durability. DCT also allows the operator to override automatic operation and shift gears manually via handlebar-mounted buttons.

Both automatic variants also include another important feature, Electric Power Steering (EPS). EPS reduces steering effort and also reduces handlebar kickback when wheels are deflected by obstacles, also adding to the improved comfort and control.

For riders who want a little more style with their comfort and control the Automatic TRX500 Rubicon DCT Deluxe version adds custom-style aluminum wheels, special badging, special red painted suspension components as well as distinctive black bodywork, giving it a look that will certainly turn heads out on the trail.

Manual transmission is available on three different versions of the Independent Rear Suspension platform so riders can select the one best suited to their budget or taste. The TRX500FM5 variant features manual steering and a foot-shifted auto-clutch manual transmission for riders who prefer a more basic machine or for the cost conscious fleet buyers.

While the TRX500 Rubicon IRS EPS adds the luxury of power steering, the TRX500 Rubicon Deluxe goes a step further adding the unique deluxe package with a touch more style. The deluxe package includes lightweight aluminum wheels, red painted shock springs, red painted suspension arms and unique white bodywork.

These all-new models effectively straddle the line between work and recreation and are sure to be a welcome addition to Honda’s already popular line-up of versatile ATVs.

TRX500 Foreman Family

Returning for 2015 is the TRX500 Foreman series of utility machines. These rugged, full-sized workhorses carry with them Honda’s durability, quality and reliability and are available with manual transmission or Honda’s renowned Electric Shift Program for push-button shifting. Electric Power Steering is also available on the electric shift model. Both versions incorporate a new one-lever engagement system for actuating reverse gear or the parking brake.

TRX420 Family

Four versions of the TRX420 will be offered for 2015. Three variations, TRX420, TRX420 EPS and TRX420 DCT EPS are returning models that underwent heavy revision just last year. The fourth is the exciting new TRX420 DCT IRS EPS with an all new independent rear suspension system and a number of other detailed improvements.


For 2015 the new-generation TRX420 DCT IRS EPS incorporates an all-new Independent Rear Suspension system that increases suspension travel substantially over the TRX420PG model that it replaces. The new chassis also offers increased front suspension travel, more ground clearance, larger front disc brakes for added stopping power and a new easy-to-engage reverse lever along with an improved Electric Power Steering system. This new TRX420 DCT IRS EPS is powered by the venerable 420cc engine, and features a five-speed fully automatic Dual Clutch Transmission with improved shift program and shaft drive that’s virtually maintenance-free. Brighter

headlights, increased electrical output, more fuel capacity, a larger, softer seat, and a new digital meter package are just some of the additional features that may just make this latest addition to the TRX420F family the most popular of all.

TRX420 Swingarm Series

The rest of the TRX420 series (with enclosed-axle, swingarm rear suspension) returns for 2015, now equipped with Honda’s new, easy-actuation reverse lever. The TRX420 and TRX420 EPS both offer foot shift manual transmissions while the TRX420 DCT IRS EPS offers the same fully automatic Dual Clutch Transmission as the new IRS version. All models offer Electric Power Steering except the base TRX420 which is targeted at the budget conscious buyer.

For years, Honda Utility ATVs have enjoyed a well-respected position with customers and industry alike. Now that reputation will be further enhanced with the introduction of our all-new Independent Rear Suspension system in the full-size class. With this new chassis design, these machines offer more fun and comfort than ever, and are still able to tackle just about any task at hand.

Honda now has a complete line-up of IRS-equipped ATVs as well as a complete line-up of swingarm/axle ATVs in both 420 and 500cc models.


The smallest in size but not personality the TRX90X returns for 2015 as well. This machine has been a great starting point for thousands of ATV riders. An exceptionally smooth power delivery and great handling are backed by Honda’s renowned Durability Quality and Reliability. Electric starting makes it easy to get going, and the durable automatic clutch, four-speed transmission, refined suspension system, sealed drum brakes and sporty styling combine to make the TRX90X a great place for the 10+ youngster to begin the journey of discovering the world of off-road riding.

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