2014 Yamaha YFZ 450R Introduced

2014 Yamaha YFZ 450R Introduced


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Yamaha has built a reputation for putting out innovative high technology products for many years and the 2014 Yamaha YFZ 450R is an eloquently successful example of this way of always looking for improvement.

While many manufacturers just offer slight cosmetic changes on any given model year after year, the people from Yamaha consider this sport oriented vehicle as a racing winner and therefore, they are passionately keen on devoting their best efforts to make sure it still is.
This small pure sport segment of the market was hit hard by the recent recession, but the people at Yamaha want to continue their winning streak with this 2014 Yamaha YFZ 450R, a predominant winner on many racing circuits. The many trophies won have proven the efficiency of this high performance racing machine.

Again in 2014, this model comes with many improvements to insure its dominating presence at the top of its class.

This year, additional features are numerous:

  • More potent 450-class YZ type engine, fuel injected, revving at optimal high RPMs. set to increase low and mid-range power, favouring impressive pull on arms out of turns, improving cornering performance.
  • Top end power and response improved through modifications to exhaust system, cam shaft profile, compression ratio, and throttle valve angle.
  • Modifications to the mapping of the fuel injection system, in order to optimize volume of fuel injection during deceleration, allow for an approximate 10 % decrease in fuel consumption, compared to the 2013 model, without sacrificing on engine performance.
  • Increased compression ratio through longer connecting rod.
  • Improved, more durable crankshaft lower rod bearing.
  • Yamaha’s Fuel Injection operates with a 12-hole injector favouring maximal combustion and power delivery. Idle Speed Control (ISC) and the big 42mm Mikuni® throttle body contribute to effortless, trouble-free starts, while constantly detecting variables such as air/engine temperatures, throttle position and more, ensuring the proper fuel delivery. No more time spent on carburetor jetting, now is the time to ride.
  • All-new slipper clutch produces reduced engine braking effect on deceleration and lighter clutch pull on lever decreases shifting fatigue.
  • The new muffler with new air induction system which introduces air from the air cleaner to the exhaust port to free uncombusted hydrocarbon component remaining by re-burning, thus reaches an excellent environmental performance (compliant with EPA/CARB LA-4 Mode emissions standards).
  • Left side crankcase cover made of silver.
  • New lighter front shocks
  • Up-graded rear shock
  • Fuel tank in conformity with EPA standards.
  • New radial tires with new tread patterns. Front tire design modified for better steering response. Rear tire tread pattern design modified for better longitudinal traction, with excellent slide capabilities, for maximum traction and acceleration out of turns.
  • Improvement of rider mobility: new concave front fenders and new rear fenders with reduced rider interference, increase in size of heel wells and space between knee and frame, foot well moved back for more space, more fluid and comfortable ride.
  • ProTaper® handlebars adjustable in 4 ways, according to riding style and comfort.
  • Another pleasant surprise is the tool-less bodywork, where the plastic body panels can be removed with quick release fasteners, instead of bolts, for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Such a list of goodies should entice many to take a closer look at this impressive high technology vehicle.

The people from Yamaha claim that the 2014 Yamaha YFZ 450R can meet the needs of a wide range of users, from those oriented towards competition to those who enjoy a quick, lively, action packed ride.

The 2014 Yamaha YFZ 450R is certainly a super-efficient ATV that everyone should be curious to try out. Why wouldn’t we?

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