2014 Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 EPS Review

2014 Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 EPS Review


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Behold! The mighty 2014 Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 EPS is back with a bang. An all-new way to experience sport quad riding with never before seen ride customization possibilities, thanks to a new Fox suspension system which is just as worthy of being put up on a pedestal, as the new and amazing 1000 engine growling to perfection under the seat! This new Scrambler already fascinated us when it was presented to us with an 850 and certainly didn’t feel like it needed a power upgrade to us. Truth is though; this class of machine has already fallen into the gears of an active racing scene around the world, where the mere existence of open classes feeds this bout for performance supremacy brewing between BRP and Polaris. Demands from the racers once again end up in our beloved showrooms so this 1000 version falls onto our doorstep; boy do we love it when those racer guys create a need.

Equipped with all-new dual exhaust that give it the sweetest and throatiest sound we’ve ever experienced, this new stronger Scrambler, is the first ride encountered in a long time, that forces us to re-assess our skill level and impose a high level of safety awareness. There is no doubt that even the best 450 sport ATV rider must go through a careful period of getting acquainted with the very high efficiency of this machine on all levels. The power and sound are impressive yes but what truly impressed me personally are the amazing traction you get and how it all keeps that typical Polaris smoothness.

The 1000’s motor is a 4-Stroke SOHC Twin Cylinder based upon their proven 850 twin with a higher bore and stroke numbers pumping up displacement to 952 cubic centimeters and make this beautiful looking beast to a top speed of about 120 km/h (80 mph). It features a 270-degree offset crankshaft and dual balance shafts to keep it running smooth and vibration free. Acceleration is the more important factor though and this ride can’t disappoint with the strongest pull on the arms we’ve ever felt on a quad! It produces 89 horsepower but most spectacular is how efficiently it transfers it to the ground. A full press of the throttle, whether in AWD or even just two wheel drive, won’t climb it up into a wheelie that forces you to release the throttle, nor will it cause a very long period of wasteful wheel spin. Many different vehicle components work in unison to achieve this high efficiency traction, which will get you going where you want fast. The Premium Fox Podium X 2.0 shocks which feature 18 position adjustable compression clickers and are combined with a rolled Independent Rear Suspension (IRS), play a big part in this and even offer riders a way to fine tune this efficient launch capability to their precise liking, as well as how it handles different types of challenges.

The 2014 Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 EPS is one very capable conqueror in what might be more different settings than you would imagine. Equipped with a High/Low speed transmission the Scrambler XP 1000 is capable of towing 1500 lbs. and can be equipped with a winch and other hard working accessories and so it becomes more than just a big boy toy and one could very well use it for many chores just like a trusty Sportsman XP. Can you outfit a Scrambler with a snow plow? Why not? It has the capacity with its worry-free On-demand true All Wheel Drive system that engages all four tires when the rear wheels slip and you need more forward traction and reverts back to 2WD when you don’t. It would certainly be interesting to see one outfitted with tracks; that would surely make it the best looking snow removal machine we’ve ever seen! Power and torque is more than sufficient, that’s a no-brainer. It even has racks, which isn’t a common sight to see on a sport ATV. The front and rear offer a total capacity of 75 lbs. (25 up front and 50 on the rear) so you can carry a bit of any sort of gear or cargo to get some chores done.

It’s no big secret anyway, this quad is basically a Sportsman XP in a different dress, that is seriously upgraded with an awesome set of shocks, a more powerful engine with a high flow dual exhaust, racing style hand guards, high-performance tires and a superbly comfortable sculpted sport seat and many other little details. Other improvements over the 850 include enhanced cooling capacity and the flipped upside down rear shocks, which apart from looking really cool installed as such; keep most of the hydraulic fluid away from the heat of the imposing stainless-steel exhaust pipes and a better flow of fresh air on the reservoirs. Translation: shocks that stay cool; stay more efficient and constant in performance.

The 2014 Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 EPS is a very manageable machine for it size thanks in great part to its slender mid-section that renders it ergonomically correct to a wide range of different sized riders. Some less experienced riders could sort of end up being tricked into thinking they are riding a much smaller and lighter quad than they actually are. The EPS is quite generous in assistance, which makes it possible for a talented 4×4 ATV racer for example, to make lightning quick moves and truly harness the full power of this incredibly fun to ride and sweet to see and hear in action machine. The seat is perfect and it lets you easily glide from side to side, an essential technique while riding any quad but even more key if your riding one as big and heavy as this gem.

Reliability is certainly something everyone is curious about when deciding on making such a significant and potentially highly positive life-changing buy and we can truly say that Polaris rides in general, have thoroughly satisfied us on that end. Not to say that nothing ever fails on them but it just doesn’t happen all that often when the units are treated and maintained as suggested by this now very powerful and forever determined to wow us, off-road vehicle manufacturer. Never did we encounter any problems with our new best friend the Scrambler.

We spent many months on this amazing to discover and oh so powerful off-road vehicle and we can definitely say that one needs to take the necessary time to very gradually get comfortable with it, before trying to use its maximum capabilities. Actually, thing is, we don’t even feel we are there yet and now we have to return it. Always a sad event when it’s such a cool ride!

Polaris’ variable power steering system truly makes the ride super comfortable and feel like you are riding a much lighter machine. Truth is it can be almost as nimble as a 450 sport ATV in tight trails, with a 48.6 inch width and 53 inch wheelbase the Scrambler feels extremely stable, smooth and firmly connected to the ground at all times. One must be careful with staying in good communication with the ground by slowing the pace at a hint of uneasiness and be extra careful under braking and calculate distances logically and in accordance with the weight and size of this mighty ATV. The high-quality suspension also plays a role in this light quad illusion, as it makes most small bumps totally disappear and bigger ones attackable at surprising speeds. The full 767 pounds in weight can only be felt once you catch a little air and land feeling the suspension being fully solicited. Again its great to have so much flexibility from those superbly tuneable Fox shocks and a few clicks on their tool-less adjustment knobs, enables the owner to finely influence vehicle behaviour and the general feel of his or her Scrambler, in a jiffy.

Now don’t get us wrong, we might sound like we are trying to scare some less experienced riders away from this machine, nothing could be further from the truth! As we have said here many times here at ATV Trail Rider magazine: the safest way possible to enjoy this extremely gratifying activity is to ride a high-performance quad, well below its full capacity and only use the amount of power you skill level dictates. It’s easy, when you start feeling uneasy, is when you need to calm down and smoothly reduce your pace, regardless of what off-road vehicle you are operating.

The 2014 Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 EPS is super stable in turns and the quick response at the thumb enables you to truly place the rear where you want it to be and although we would have liked to see separate brake controls, this all-wheel braking system in particular is truly perfectly balanced as well as unaffected by the engine braking, for a quick return back to a turning wheel. Like its far differently conceived 2-stroke predecessors, the new Scrambler is made to be as user-friendly as possible and simple to operate and there isn’t a thing we would ask to change on it, even after all this time. The incredibly efficient lighting, the easy to get to elements for maintenance, the extra sturdy bumpers, easy to view and use digital display, the practical storage box under the rack and a whole bunch of other things, make this ride a dream come true to use and own.

Ok, now we want a true race-ready Scrambler 1000; with separate brake controls, more aggressive foot pegs, then bolt on some bead lock wheels, add adjustability at the handlebars and mould the front plastics a bit differently for just a tad bit more racing style knee room. How about a new 1200 engine? Yes, we know, that might be a bit far fetched and too much to ask. Of course we are just playing now a little but we’ve come to realize that if enough of us deeply involved ATV enthusiasts ask for certain things, Polaris truly listens and many times surpasses our expectations with absolutely amazing rides. The mere existence of this incredible quad is proof of this. Was there a need for more power than the 850? We didn’t think so. Was there demand for some? Most definitely.

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