2013 Polaris RZR 570 EPS Trail LE Introduced

2013 Polaris RZR 570 EPS Trail LE Introduced


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The RZR in its basic 50’’ (127 cm) wide form, no less than changed the face of the Recreational Off-road Vehicle industry. This fast, nimble, strong and compact vehicle would come to be considered by many as an engineering gem, into a class of its own, with a totally new appreciation for the performance potential of the so called; Side by Side vehicle. Not only was this new UTV format quickly adopted by avid trail riders, but it opened up a whole new set of possibilities, to be discovered by people who maybe never even fathomed the idea of enjoying the great outdoors, so much.

Starting at $13,599 Canadian dollars, the 2013 Polaris RZR 570 EPS Trail LE  is powered by a purpose-built and powerful ProStar 570 engine.  Inspired by its bigger brother, the ProStar 900, which helped put the RZR XP 900 on top of many Side x Side racing podiums, the light and compact mill uses 4 valves and dual overhead cam and a wet sump for easy serviceability. Impressive acceleration must be expected with this high-torque and high-revving engine. It feels truly fun and generous in this very light and precise handling vehicle.

What is more interesting about this particular new Polaris RZR offering is the inclusion of both Electronic Power Steering (EPS) and the Polaris Engine Braking System (EBS). Riding this vehicle on narrow and breathtakingly beautiful Montana trails, we got a chance to fully appreciate how these combined new features, make tight trail riding in a Side by Side, an easier and smoother experience. Adding a new user controllable VersaTrac Turf Mode was also a great idea for this vehicle, which will now also be able to serve many utility vehicle type chores around any property, without damaging the ground it rolls on.

This cool to ride new RZR comes in Gloss Black with painted dash and hood with a custom graphics package and custom cut & sew black and white seats with the RZR emblem on the headrests.

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