2008 Suzuki KingQuad 750axi Review

2008 Suzuki KingQuad 750axi Review


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This is one machine we had high expectations on. Suzuki being the pioneers that they are in the field of ATV’s and having re-invented this type of vehicle to today’s familiar four wheeled format 25 years ago, gives them a position among the expected best, right from the get go.

We know Suzuki to be talented in the creation of quality products, as they have impressed us countless times throughout the history of quads. As they celebrate this 25th anniversary of being first to manufacture ATV’s in a four wheeled format, Suzuki now stands tall in this competitive market and claims that this new 2008 Suzuki KingQuad 750axi , is the best all-around sport/utility ATV currently available. They also say this one is the best they have ever built. We gladly took it out for a spin in the dirt, mud, sand, water, or anything else we could throw ourselves into, over or around. Just checkin’, just making sure… The physical size remains relatively unchanged, just like the motor which only gained a few cc’s more than the -previous model. A powerful 724cc, DOHC, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine designed for a wide powerband and high -durability, is housed in the high-tensile steel frame with special attention given to both rigidity and weight for optimum structural integrity and performance while contributing to ride comfort.

The lower center of gravity, reduced engine height and lower seat height were made possible by canting the cylinder forward 48 degrees. Also, a semi-gear driven valve system minimizes cam sprocket size allowing a short and narrow cylinder head design, thus reducing overall engine height. This gives chance for better placement of Suzuki’s EFI system, which will feed just the right amount of fuel under any operating conditions to the Plasma-sprayed coated cylinder, which is of lighter construction because it doesn’t need a sleeve. This plasma spraying improves resistance to heat and friction. Despite its intimidating size and power, this ride is very user friendly as all controls are well laid out and easy to operate. The gear selector was super easy to slide in the desired position. Brake levers were also easy to squeeze yet provided just the right amount of feel and feedback through the hands.

Large 200mm diameter front disc brakes with single-piston calipers and sealed multi-plate rear brake system provides high durability, reduced unsprung weight and low-maintenance. Pressing the thumb hard won’t send the ride flying as is the case with the more aggressively delivered power of a Kawasaki Brute Force 750 or Can-Am’s Outlander 800, which makes it more predictable and forgiving to less experienced riders. Still, this is a very powerful quad that should be driven with extra care as it is still among the fastest utility 4×4’s available today. Smoothness, ease of operation and comfort were obvious positives after only a short ride in a tight trail littered with rocks and logs. In 4×4 mode, the 2008 Suzuki KingQuad 750axi  feels really at home in very rough terrain. It was just fun to ride slow through tough conditions, jerk the throttle ever so slightly when the front tires came in contact with obstacles from time to time and just enjoy feeling all the traction do its work.

The stock tires are merely sufficient, so I imagine it would feel almost invincible with better rubbers. Having to override the rev-limiter, acting up in diff-lock mode as in reverse, was a bit of a pain when I got stuck in a river of mud. On the other hand, the T-shaped seat with tapered design for rider mobility and thick padding for comfort, was perfect. Both the front and rear utilize dual A-arm setups and come with five-position preload-adjustable shock absorbers. In the front, you get 7.1 inches of wheel travel, with 8.1 inches in the rear. It felt good over just about every obstacle, climbing over tree stumps, logs and good size rocks providing a good 270 mm (10.6  in) of ground clearance to hover over without scratching the underside. On those few occasions where objects did come in contact under the King, the polyethylene skid plate provided good front-to-rear under carriage protection.

The steering felt good and was easy to operate in normal conditions on the flat or uphill, but had a tendency to jerk to the sides in slow and rough descents. The engine brake system reducing downhill speed was really nice to have though, it made steeper descents much safer and will significantly reduce brake pad wear in the longrun. A tad steeper caster angle might have balanced things just right; as such, the ride felt a little dippy in certain more extreme trailing areas. Tightening the front suspension will help counter this effect, but might take away a small amount of ride comfort. On the practical side of things, this Suzuki delivers. The dry storage situated just under the right front fender and accessible by unscrewing a huge round cap over it, was much appreciated as it could hold simple but important trinkets like a cell phone, -wallet and keys. Varied informations were clear and easy to view on the centered digital display which includes speedometer (mile/km selectable), odometer, twin-trip meters, hour meter, clock, fuel gauge, drive range (H,L,N,R) and drive mode (4WD, 4WD lock).

LED indicators would shine bright for neutral, reverse, 4WD lock and FI/water temperature. 30 watts multi-reflector halogen headlights and the additional 40 watts multi-reflector handlebar-mounted auxiliary light made the trail in front brightly lit far ahead, and compact 5/21W tail light and brake light provided safer visibility. Longevity is certainly something to expect from such a solidly built unit, even if put to hard work on a daily basis. It felt good and solid from the moment I sat on it and felt even better when I rolled away in confidence. With great towing capacity, lots of room for cargo with rugged front and back steel-tube racks with high-quality wrinkle paint finish, complete the package to make this a true winner. We actually kind of knew this beforehand, but boy, did we have fun just checking, just making sure.

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