2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750 Review

2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750


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As much has hitting the trails on a quad is always an appealing experience, when all problems seem to fade into the dust cloud created behind you, riding alone though, always seems to get a bit boring fairly quickly. Going out to ride alone can of course provide pleasure, but sharing the experience with a friend seems to multiply the fun factor. Is it true that two are always better then one? Anyway, with this new Kawasaki, it is! They’re slogan as never been so fitting. Good times, is what this sweet brand new model is all about. So pack it up, load it up, and don’t forget to bring a friend.

Ok, when you’ve got the wind blowing in your face, concen-trated on every little bump, pot hole, branch and every other obstacle on your path, there is no time for boredom. But as soon as you stop for a short break and it all falls dead quiet, you’re wishing you had someone to share and discuss all that fun you’ve just had in that last little challenging stretch of trail. Team green has been working on this project since 2003, meaning it was no easy task to come up with this amazing final product. There experience acquired thru years of development of the Kawasaki Mule has helped them with this process. With just the right blend of work and play capabilities, this unique ride can be appealing to all. The green team seems to have It’s just a fact; two friends riding together his much more fun. It’s more and more about getting together with a friend for a little hunting or fishing, or sharing the joys of endless weekend sightseeing treks as husband and wife. The idea of riding two people on an ATV is nothing new. Countless quads out there on the trails today are now outfitted with the added back seats and storage bins. Two–seaters in a regular straddled ergonomics have now come out. This is surely one of the reasons why these new side by sides, or otherwise called RUV’s (Recreational utility vehicles) are selling like hotcakes so much. Polaris has had lots of -demand for there fast and nimble new Ranger RZR. Great thing about these new trail munching monsters is that they can also haul, carry, pull or accomplish any work related task, better than most other regular straddled quads. With its 500 pounds cargo bed capacity and can tow up to 1,300 pounds. Obviously this one is aiming to provide recreational pleasures to people of all ages or gender, and Kawasaki thinks they will bring lots of brand new clients into the ATV market. Even if you’re riding it (or should I say driving it?) only to get to your favourite secluded hunting or fishing spot, or to haul some materials, or to have it do all sorts of other tasks, it will for sure be loads of fun getting there with the 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750. So “Let the good times roll” as they say.

Key features
Loaded with great features, the 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750 is meant to be as worry free as possible. For example, it’s been outfitted with an entirely sealed, oil-bathed multiple disks rear braking system that can be expected to provide cons-tant and efficient stopping capacity for many years without a need for maintenance. This principal has proven its worth in tractors and bulldozers for many years. Hydraulically operated, this system is of course totally unaffected by exposure to sand, water, mud or anything else which can sometimes affect the behaviour of conventional braking systems. At the front, 200mm dual disk brakes are squeezed by twin piston calipers and here they’ve recessed them into the wheels to help protect them. Also,the 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750 is first in its class powered by a V-twin which runs impressively smooth and fairly quiet. The exhaust system is made of stainless steel and the finished surface will seem oddly discoloured, a normal thermal reaction to the various welds, but it could very well outlive most other parts on the machine. A fully automatic CVT type transmission offers great smooth transmission of power to those fat 26″ Maxxis rubbers. These tires have been specially developed for this new breed of ATV and worked very well in tight turn response. New CV joints with more durable boots, drive shafts, U joints and axles beefed up to handle all that extra power.

The large-diameter, tubular frame meets SAE regulations as a roll-over protective structure (ROPS) and offers good rigidity without draining performance. Protection to the occupants has been a delicate aspect to control with these new side by side quads. If you roll the 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750, it’s because you’ve really pushed it too hard. I had to at least get a feel for it and punched it hard on the side of a dune to lift the wheels a tad. A quick release of the steering wheel pulled it back down right away and the entire manoeuvre felt comfortable. Of course in the event of a roll, the cage is of sturdy built and offers good protection, but the sides are left exposed. Users are warned and expected to keep all limbs inside the vehicle at all times. Sadly, first time users are known to still put limb out by mere reflex. A visually stunning Kawa green race accessorised version was on site for this press launch to tease. A stock 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750, made pretty with rows of led lights, green trimmed wheels, and sides closed with fixed extra tubing and full panels. I was satisfied with my morning trek and -relaxing while sucking up the breath-taking landscape. Lucky for me, one of the green men took it out for a spin and I got my best 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750 photos of the day. I wonder why nobody’s thought of adding real full doors yet.

The engine
This 749cc 90 degree V-twin power plant packs a good punch while staying smooth and quiet throughout the whole power band. Derived from their KVF 750 Brute force ATV motor, this one still needed a few upgrading changes to bring it up to the task of pushing around this larger machine. The most significant change was the way the carburetors are setup. They’ve tilted and lowered them for a more direct in line flow of fuel to the cylinders, which provides extra power and efficiency. They’ve also increased the port volume which also adds a bit of power. The crankshaft was lightened with grooves cut into it and the flywheel also made lighter by using rare earth magnets. It seems to provide the perfect amount of power for this type of ride. More than enough torque is available to climb or pull just about anything less than 1,500 pounds. 42 HP’s at 6,500 rpm’s and 40.8 pounds of torque at 5250 rpm’s at the ready to help you conquer every terrain you desire. Your rides might be far and long since you’re having so much fun, so this powerful V-twin will have 7.9 gallons of fuel ready to be pumped by a reliable vacuum operated pump. Cooling this baby, a large capacity radiator is perfectly mounted up front and assisted by a thermostatically controlled fan.

Riding it in Utah
On hard surfaces, the combination of grip and power is perfect. The sands of amazingly scenic Utah were a bit of a challenge though for the otherwise unstoppable trail beast. Flicking on the 4 wheel switch was an absolute must to normally go about in the sand. I was floored almost constantly, many times waiting for the rpm’s to climb. Better adapted tires would surely have made a world of difference. Despite this, it was still holding its own enough to have a ball attacking some pretty steep climbs ending in sand blowing spins at the top. The steering was also quick enough to decide to turn around at the last second when coming up short. The engine braking system was so efficient that I hardly ever had to use the brakes. Releasing the foot off the gas pedal when descending a pretty steep drop almost brings you to a total stop even when in high gear. Much less aggressive in acceleration then the Polaris RZR, it is where it should be, not too fast nor too slow. Throwing it sideways needed a little more effort, but once in a slide it felt perfect. On bumpier grounds, any side by side can pull tricks on you as the back end tends to lift most of the time. Hitting consecutive bumps can be tricky; the 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750 is sadly no different, and I would have hoped for a bit more control on adjusting the front shocks behaviour. Only preload is adjustable. Still, they work perfectly in rough slower trail riding conditions with a generous 7.5 inches of travel, same as the rear. 11.3 inches of ground clearance got us past numerous rocky sections without ever hearing any of those dreaded scratching- sounds on the underside.

An all around winner
Comfortable and easy to drive, powerful and effective in almost every weather conditions and on any surface, this ride will surely bring Kawasaki success in this fairly new market of souped up Mules. Demand for this type of vehicle seems already way high, so the first batch produced will surely fly away fast. Available in red or green, $9,799 is the suggested retail price and an extra $450 will be charged for a “Hardwoods HD” camouflage finish. The 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750 is also going to be available with that same camo finish as part of the LE Model package that also includes: A half windshield, a plastic hard top, a digital meter, a tilting bed with small assisting gas shocks and practical cup holders. Hunters will be pleased to have all the same additions on the “NRA outdoors” version available with everything ready for the next hunting trip; “Realtree APG HD” camouflage on those scratch resistant plastics, not only the body but also the wheels, dash, top and bumper covers, and of course the gun scabbards also included. All those extras, for a seemingly very deserving ride, will cost you a cool $1,600 extra then the standard model. In my book, this fun R.U.V. is worth every penny.

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