Destination Monts-Valin summer version: adventure at its best!

Destination Monts Valin summer version adventure at its best


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It was with a smile from ear to ear that my faithful sidekick and I went to Monts-Valin at the beginning of June to try the quad experience offered by the well known company of the Monts.  Accustomed to winter rides, Isabelle and I know the area well and it was special to be there in the summer and especially to see our favorite places again without the snow.  It is thus accompanied by my daughter, her friend and the Planète Quad team that we discovered the Monts-Valin.

I am used to riding recreational vehicles, in winter, I am a snowmobile enthusiast and in summer, my motorcycle accompanies me daily on the road.   But the quad… it had been more than 20 years since I had touched it!  However, it’s like riding a bike: you never forget!  And it’s obvious that having the chance to ride with new and efficient machines added to our adventure.  The fleet of vehicles included: Sportsman 570, RZR Trail S premium, RZR XP 1000 2 and 4 seater and the RZR Pro XP 4 Ultimate!  For our little family, we were able to ride the ultra comfortable RZR XP 1000 4 seater!  After just three turns and two trail breaks, I had regained my skills and we were able to enjoy the ride to the fullest.

Day 1 – Great ride

The first day was sunny, warm and with a rain the day before, the trails were quite wet: here comes the mud!  The 41 km that separated us from the Inn at KM 31 flew by quickly and our passengers were literally singing the whole way.  On the way, our guide Dan, who knows the Monts-Valin better than anyone, was able to make key stops in the areas we hike in the winter, on open plateaus with beautiful views, in “sand pits” where we could have fun and of course on sites with breathtaking panoramic views.

The Monts-Valin park is HUGE!  The number of trails is impressive and there is something for everyone.  Some are wide, well groomed trails, others are framed by trees and what about the different skill levels you can experience!  Deep crevasses, rocky mountains lined with stumps, shallow bodies of water to cross, wide flat trails with inviting curves: there is something for every taste and every type of riding.  We even noticed that the snow is always present in the undergrowth, the Monts-Valin really have their own ecosystem!

The day’s trip was split in two and included a dinner stop at Auberge du KM 31.  The exceptional pizza made on site allowed us to continue on our way with a full belly and we were able to refuel before heading back to the Pic du Mont Marguerite.

The advantage of going on a guided hike as a group is that you share the road together and have the real feeling of living an adventure as a family.  We had several vehicles and were able to try them out one after the other to enjoy the trip even more.  The climb to the Peak was impressive.  The narrow trails with sharp curves allowed us to better appreciate the final view at the top.  

Destination Monts-Valin summer version: adventure at its best!
You only realize how great the park is when you have access to this type of completely unreal view!

With the multiple stops made since the beginning of the morning, we spent a full day on the Mounts.  Around 4pm we decided to start the way back and, faithful to his habit, our guide made us come back by a different way to allow us to discover new paths.  Direction Bras Louis towards Destination Monts-Valin, multiple panoramic stops all along the way back and as many laughs during our maneuvers in the sandbanks, the small streams and the inviting mud pools…

 You only realize how great the park is when you have access to this type of completely unreal view!
In the end: happy teenagers, happy adults and dirty machines!

Since we were staying in Destination Monts-Valin’s rental cottages, we were able to get together in the evening for a well-deserved dinner and admire the beautiful sunset while thinking about this perfect day.

Destination Monts-Valin summer version: adventure at its best!

Day 2 – half day

On the second day, we had planned to leave early… I say planned… But how could we resist the call of adventure?

We decided to repeat the experience that morning by planning a 4-hour loop to the Gazebo Club Quad Aventure Valin. Our teens were asking for more and the adults wanted to enjoy it as much as possible!

With the spectacular amount of routes and loops, it definitely takes a few trips to do it all and we set out to get to the lookout on new trails and faced the biggest puddle of the weekend.  A little over a meter of water, but a hard bottom: we’re doing it!  Teens screaming with happiness, adults sharing a laugh and a good shower in nature: all the conditions were gathered to make us live the trip to the fullest.

Destination Monts-Valin summer version: adventure at its best!

After enjoying the panoramic view from the lookout, we stopped at the local canteen before heading back to the chalets to prepare for our return to the city.

Our observation

What an adventure!  The services offered by Destination Monts-Valin are beyond expectations.  Getting back to the mountain during the summer season made us want to return as soon as possible.  In addition, the electric motor rental for fishing, the access to the ZEC and all the camping possibilities inspire us to live future adventures in nature.  Need to get away from it all?  Don’t hesitate and make a reservation!

Destination Monts-Valin summer version: adventure at its best!
Isabelle, Dan and Val
Destination Monts-Valin summer version: adventure at its best!

*** Thanks to the Planet Quad team for your talent in photography.  To see the pictures taken during our trip, go on the YouTube channel of the show!

Texte: Valérie Ménard

Photo credit: Valérie Ménard, Isabelle Gauthier and Steve Maillet